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How To Capture Video Clips In Windows 10 Without Software?

You may also want to record a video from your system. You’ve probably gone for different types of software, many of which, of course. Now if you are a Windows 10 user, we have an easy way for you that doesn’t need to install any software. Read on for the tutorial below.

How to Capture your Screen on Windows 10 PC

Fortunately for Windows 10 screen capture, you do not need any software to do it, and just follow these steps:

1. In Windows 10, just press the Windows and G buttons simultaneously .

2- This will display the Game Bar page , which includes many options for screenshots, video recording and more.

If you want to take a screen shot using this method, just click on the camera icon.

4- Now if you want to record from the video display, you need to click on the circular icon.

windows 10 screen capture
windows 10 screen capture

5- At the bottom you can specify which software the sound to be recorded in the video. (For example, if you want to shoot a particular software and only want the sound of that software to be recorded in the video, you can simply raise the sound of that software and zero in on other software and even the system.)

6. If you want to go directly to the Game Bar panel, simply press the three Win + Alt + R buttons simultaneously to start the system from the Windows 10 screen.

7. To finish the video recording from the screen in Windows 10, simply click on the square icon that appears in the video recording box.

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Tip: The first time you want to shoot a video from a Windows 10 monitor using this method, you need to grant permission. It’s actually a checkbox that you have to check (Enable gaming features for this app to record gameplay).

Once the Permission is granted, you will be able to use the functions for this windows 10 feature. Get windows 10 operating system from Microsoft here. Do well to share this post to friends on social media like Facebook, twitter etc.