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Best Software for Professional and Amateur Game Streamers

Even a couple of years ago, most of us didn’t know a thing about game streaming. Gaming was considered an immature hobby for little boys, and only some people understood its potential to become something big in the future. Could they get to be more wrong?

Platforms like Twitch and Amazon Prime Gaming opened new opportunities for gamers to make this hobby a full-time job. This evolved into creating free video games like Fortnite or Dota 2 (or free-to-play if we would like to be a little bit more specific), new safety technologies like NFT, and resulted in a multimillion industry with thousands of people involved in it.

All these people just love sharing their gaming experience with others, and we decided to help to make this process even more pleasant. We collected the five best programs created especially for game streamers, which will help you take the next step in your streaming career. Interested? Keep reading!


Let’s start with one of the most popular gaming software for streamers: GameShow. This tool both works on Windows and macOS, and it has free and paid versions. In a free version, you will get access to basic features, which can be more than enough for a beginner. That’s why we advise you to try the free one first.

The software is easy to use, has an intuitive menu with many options for customization where you can create your own template and start streaming in a matter of seconds.

It works perfectly on all computers because its CPU usage is low, and it doesn’t interrupt the gaming process. You can use various game accessories while using GameShow, and the software supports all big playing platforms.

Nvidia ShadowPlay

Another legendary streaming tool, Nvidia ShadowPlay, is a great software to create high-quality records of the gaming process, in-game screenshots, and live sessions. It often comes included with a GeForce graphics card, so you can already have it without even knowing it.

The software supports broadcasting to YouTube and Twitch, and also to some social media, like Facebook Live. It is a great free tool, but it can be not advanced enough for some more seasoned streamers.

It has only some customizing features and fits better for creating shorter clips of the gaming process. However, if you only need to capture your gaming process without any added features, Nvidia ShadowPlay can be a great tool for you. It’s a simple and elegant program.

XSplit Gamecaster

If you use an XSplit Gamecaster as your primary gaming software, we can already tell you that you are a professional. This incredible tool is a great choice for console and PC players (Macs are, sadly, not supported), and it truly brings your gaming experience up to the next level.

The program has numerous advanced features that will make your streams look special among the ocean of mediocre and lookalike ones. XSplit Gamecaster’s professional editing features allow you to create unique videos with many effects and exciting features. The finished recordings are very easy to upload on any streaming platform of your choice.

The program has a “minimal performance impact,” according to their website, and it works smoothly with the latest NVIDIA and AMD computer hardware, ensuring that your stream will go without any issues, lags, or freezes at all.

XSplit Gamecaster supports live chats, and you can create events for your audience to make them more involved in your streaming process. And lastly, the software has more than a hundred overlays that will help you create a new and unique look for your streams. It will be a simply unforgettable experience, guaranteed.

Best software for professional and amateur game streamers

Magix YouCast

This professional gaming software is much more complicated, thus interesting for seasoned users of Twitch TV. Of course, if it is your first tool for streaming, you can be a little bit intimidated by its possibilities for customization. Since it is not a free program, think thoroughly before choosing it.

Magix YouCast has numerous advanced templates that will work for all kinds of streamers: gamers, artists, etc. It has an option of editing videos so you can create not only live streams but also pre-recorded ones, with different effects on them. Of course, this tool produces very high-quality records that can be used on a variety of streaming platforms.

In addition, Magix YouCast offers excellent color correction presets, and you can add any text on your videos, and use one of the most popular streaming features among them all: Pic in Pic. Seriously, who would prefer to miss all your priceless reactions during another extremely hard gaming round in Demon’s Souls?

OBS Studio

OBS Studio is another free software for game streamers, but perhaps it is one of the best ones you can find on the market today. It is an absolutely free tool, making it more suitable for beginners because it lacks some interesting advanced functionality. It has many features for customization, though.

This open-source software does not have a good support system from creators, and you will need to figure out the point of most of the features on your own. YouTube offers an abundance of great tutorials for OBS Studio, so it is time to do your homework.

Many gamers prefer OBS Studio because it can be used on all kinds of computers: Mac, Windows, and Linux. And, of course, it supports many streaming platforms like Twitch, Facebook Gaming (or Facebook Live), YouTube, etc.

Final bonus: streaming video editing tips

  1. Trim all the unnecessary moments. Awkward pauses, silence or situations when nothing happens on the screen can be cut out. At the same time, try to leave genuine emotions during game matches.
  2. Add a timer to video online. This is useful to show, for example, that the player smashed the opposing team in just 10 seconds. Impressive, isn’t it?
  3. Include meme clips in your video. The humor found in the gaming community is always appreciated. Let’s remember PewDiePie. He achieved his success also due to the inserted jokes, cube memes and a sharp word.


The game industry is changing, and nowadays, it is a serious and established entertainment market with thousands of employees, gamers, and companies trying to create new awesome games.

Streaming is a very perspective but competitive career. If you want to spend your life as an expert gamer, use the tools we’ve shown you to become a true professional in this career. Good luck!