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Screaming Frog SEO Tool

The Screaming Frog tool is one of the SEO tools that crawls all pages of your site and links like google crawler. And below, we have written basic introduction to the Screaming tool.

Like the google crawler, the frog tool crawls all your site pages and links and displays what it has crawled based on internal and external tags and links. It is a very useful tool for competitor analysis as well as on page SEO analysis.

Advantages of a screaming frog tool

1- Ability to connect to search console tools and google analytic

Ability to connect to search console tools and google analystic
In the settings section of this tool you can connect to Google Analytics Console and Google Analytics, which allows you to have a more accurate and accurate analysis of your site.

2- Configurable for analyzing a series of site-specific pages

Because screaming frog review of the site may take some time, this tool gives you the capability if you just want to check out some of the site’s pages.

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3. Possibility of crawler frog settings

The screaming frog has the ability to adjust the crawler settings to suit your needs.

4- Ability to output in Excel format

This tool has made it possible for its users to export excellence from the different parts you need to make it easier for webmasters.

5- You can check the competitors’ site for a list

With this tool you can check the paths of each folder and files of competing sites.

6- Check all important tags

The screaming frog examines all the important tags that a site should have and shows you all the pages that it has extracted. Tags like: h1, h2, title tag, description tag, canonical tag, etc.

The main tabs of the Screaming Frog tool

As you can see in the figure above, this tool contains different sections and each section has its own filters. We will examine the most important fever.

1- internal link
This tab, which is the first tab in the frog tool, contains almost everything you need to analyze the site and you can get a general overview of the site.

2- Response codes
With these filters, you can easily output 404 errors, 300 series and even 500 errors.

3. Image tab
This tab can output URLs that do not contain the ALT tag.

4- Canonical fever
With this tab you can extract all the URLs that used and even did not use this tag.

5- sitemap
Forg has included this feature in your tool to have a custom image from the map site like the one below:

Working with the frog tool is by no means difficult, and easily working with this tool can provide you with the right data and analytics from the site. Visit the screaming frog tool here.