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Whatsapp Enabled Dark Mode on Android Beta

Great news for WhatsApp users who were waiting for Dark Mood, the developers finally decided to add darkness to the Android operating system.

The great news for WhatsApp users is that the developers have finally decided to add darkness to the Android operating system. The good news, but one downside, is that it is only available to beta users of the app, which means it will take at least weeks for the new feature to be available to everyone.

Recently, the Wabetainfo website has taught users that the latest WhatsApp version of the Dark Mode feature is available through the Google Play Beta app. If you’re running a beta, you’ll need to update the WhatsApp app to version 2.20.13 or later to see dark. However, you may not see this new feature even after the update.

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In this case, if you think it’s necessary, you can back up your chats, uninstall, and reinstall. This way download the latest software from the server, so you will most likely be able to use the dark theme as you start the new application.

activate whatsapp dark mode settings
activate whatsapp dark mode setting

To adjust the dark theme from the menu, select Settings and on the desired page, select Chat option and click on the theme and then there are three options Light, Dark, Set by Battery Saver which select Dark mode for You will be activated.

For those who do not want to use the beta version, they will have to wait for the new version to get this feature. Of course, this is a guess or a guess. Whatsapp policy might be something else.

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