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Github App Download for Android

There are many things you can do on Github that do not require a sophisticated development environment. Github has made this easier by developing its Android app. You can now download the beta version of this software.

At the Github Universe 2019 meeting, a beta version of Github for iOS was unveiled. Github smartphones are designed and implemented with the goal of allowing programmers and project managers to perform tasks such as giving feedback on design discussions or reviewing written code easily without being present in their workplace. For example, you can review your project codes while commuting to work and share your feedback with other project members.

Github Android Version: Ready to Test

Previously, Github had created a waiting list for people who would like to test the Android version to find out and get it. If you also listed your email in this list, you probably received an email from Github. But if you haven’t already signed up for this list, then there’s no worries. From this link you can join anyone who wants to get the beta version of Github on Android. Of course, the number of people who can get the beta test software is limited and it is best to do it faster.

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Learn more about Github mobile

You can use the mobile version of the Github software to browse codes, engage in discussions, and merge different directories. You need Android OS version 5.1 or higher to use this software. This software supports different dimensions of mobile screens and you can use light or dark theme.