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Garage Door Apps that Make Life Easier

Most – if not all – garage door openers have small remote controls that let you open and close the door from your car. However, you can go one step further by upgrading to some of the best smart garage doors openers/apps currently in the market.

In addition to monitoring and controlling it from your smartphone, they ensure you can also link to other smart home devices so that the lights of your house light up when you arrive home.

Chamberlain MyQ-G0301

Chamberlain’s MyQ device has a sensor and a router connecting to your Wi-Fi network for your garage door. When your smartphone sends a command, it is transmitted into the hub and then sent to the sensor that activates your garage door.
With the MyQ app, available for Android and iOS devices, you can check if your door is open and then close or open it remotely.

Garage Mate

The GarageMate system is very simple, almost too simple. Unlike the other smart garage door openers that connect to your WiFi, GarageMate connects to your phone via Bluetooth. This means that you cannot check the status if you are not at home.
It also doesn’t support other smart home systems or voice assistants. You may like this app if you’re looking for something basic, cheap and safe, but it’s not our first choice.

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Unlike most other smart garage door controls, Gogogate has an app that lets you create additional users so you don’t have to share a single account with family members, and it is also helpful to give guests temporary access.

NEXX Garage

The Nexx Garage door opener not only works with Alexa but also with Google Assistant. So you can open or close the door with voice commands. It doesn’t require a subscription fee like Chamberlain MyQ.

But the setup is a bit harder because it involves a wire from your garage door to the garage door. Similar to GoGogate, Nexx owners can grant multiple users permission. A calendar in the app shows when and by whom the door was opened.


The smart garage door opener from Garadget uses a laser to determine whether the door is open or closed. This makes setup a little more difficult than with other systems we’ve tested. However, the app gives you real-time warnings when your door is opened or when the door stays open too long. It works with Alexa, Google Assistant, SmartThings and IFTTT.


What should you pay attention to when buying a smart garage door opener? If you don’t have one already, you can buy a garage door opener with smart home compatibility.

However, if you have an older garage door opener, you can make it “smart” by purchasing a kit that can connect you to the Internet. This way you can control it remotely via your smartphone.

Don’t buy a smart garage door opener if it doesn’t support your current garage door. Usually, on the manufacturer’s website, you can see which doors an opener can support.

In addition, some smart garage door openers have WiFi while others connect to your phone via Bluetooth. We recommend sticking to Wi-Fi models as this will allow you to remotely monitor your garage door; Bluetooth models will only work if you are within 20 feet of the garage.

Also, see if the garage door opener works with different smart home systems. If it gives you many options, the better for you when building your smart home.