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Wine Application Enables you to Run Windows software, Games on Linux & Mac

The Wine program, which enables Windows applications to run on Mac and Linux, has now been updated with many changes and features.

The Wine program is one of the best tools for running Windows applications and games on Mac or Linux. Now the newest version of the program, called Wine 5.0, has been updated with many new features and changes.

One of the most important changes to Wine 5.0 software is support for all operating systems, even Android. Of course, the Android version is currently limited. However, with the advent of ARM in Windows, we will soon see many changes. In fact, ARM-compatible Windows applications and games will soon be available on the Android operating system.

Of course, this is not the only change we have seen with Wine 5.0, but there are a lot of bugs and fixes in this release. For example, the new version of Wine 5.0 supports various displays and monitors as well as the Vulkan driver up to version 1.1.126.

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According to the Wine Developer team, most Wine 5.0 modules are built in portable format (PE). Support for Direct3D has also been improved in this new Wine update.

It’s interesting to note that the Wine Developer team has been trying to deliver this update for over a year and has managed to make 7400 changes to the software.

Among the important enhancements and features of version 5 of the Wine software we can mention the following:

  • Modules made in PE format
  • Supports multiple monitors
  • Rebuild XAudio2
  • Support for Vulkan 1.1

Download and install latest wine application for your device here