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How To Control Your Laptop – PC With Android Mobile Phone

Controlling your Personal computer (PC) or Desktop system
with your Android mobile phone can be fun and educative when initiated or
activated very well. You don’t need to be a tech savvy before you can enjoy
most of the things technology offer these days. Even the ones you find so hard
to activate or implement, we are always here to make them simplified for you to
utilize. Before now, there has been lots of tutorials on how to control PC with
android phone via application and PC software; either through established
paired connection of Bluetooth, WiFi, and Hotspot etc. And most of us must have
come across them but couldn’t follow any of the guide up because of its
complexity. You need not to worry about that anymore because we have already
simplified the steps involved, so get yours activated in few minutes by reading

This very tutorial works with an advanced application which
will enable you control your laptop using any smart android device. So kudos to
Android App developers because they are really doing well in the aspect of
developing powerful system application functioning exactly like system
software. Basically, most of the things that computer do these days, mobile
phones are as well doing them. Some of the system applications you can use
today on Android and iphone devices are as follows: PowerPoint, MS-Word, Excel,
Adobe Photoshop, CorelDraw, VLC media player, Virtual DJ and many more computer
apps in APK format. What a world of advanced tech. Don’t just be left out on
all the trending in technology.

Now, going further on how to control any pc right from your
Android phone, we have “Kinoni Remote
Desktop App”
for such task between your PC and Android Mobile Device. This
very app called Kinoni, gives you full access to the contents of your computer
via an Android cell phone, at any place you are without your PC. Some of the
files which this Remote Desktop App will give you access to are web browsers,
you can watch flash videos, do a lot of work with office applications just from
your mobile cell.

Below are requirements in other to get this techy connection
activated between your laptop device and your Android cell phone.

Control PC with Android Mobile device free

Basic Requirements:
>> You need Kinoni
Remote Desktop application:
To download the app, go to Nokia Store, or
Windows phone market place or Android Market or you may choose to download it
from this link here.
>> Your PC is required to have any of the following
Operating system version running on it, they include: Microsoft Windows XP SP2,
or Windows Vista or Windows 7, or windows 8, windows 8.1 and the latest windows
10 for the tips to work very well.
>> You also a need a connection for both the PC and
that of the mobile phone.
>> Finally, you need to download the kinoni Desktop
Server form this link here.
Let’s assume, you meet up with requirements above, now let’s
proceed with the settings or setup guide below:

  • 1.      
    First thing to do, is to install the Kinoni Remote Desktop application you
    downloaded above to your Android phone.
  • 2.      
    Next is to install the Kinoni Desktop Server you also downloaded above to your personal
    computer or laptop, and then ensure to enter your password when required.
    Remember to write it down or memorize it so as to enter it again when required.
  • 3.      
    After the installation of both downloaded apps
    above on the different devices we are using for this tutorial, that is your PC
    and Android phone. Now launch Kinoni Remote Desktop application on your Android
    device. Ones that is done, the application will automatically scan computers on
    local Wi-Fi network and add anyone found in to server list showing on the
  • 4.      
    Next, click on the server which you installed on
    your PC through the Kinoni Remote Desktop application in your android phone in
    other to connect to it. You can as well use the alternative method, which is clicking
    “Add new server” and
    then type in the computer host name or the IP address manually.  Then enter address from the list of addresses
    showed on the image below.
Kinoni Desktop Server App to control computer with Android Device
  • 5.      
    Now enter that password you copied or memorized
    after installation from the previous step.
  • 6.      
    And finally, your connection should establish
    for usage. And after connection, you will see something like computer desktop on
    your Android phone showing the connection was successful.

After the first connection to the server, everything is
saved automatically on the server list. So when connecting to that same server
again, all you need do, is just to tap on the server name and boom you will be
connected. There are other options you can as well utilize in the app if you so
wish. For deleting a saved sever, just tap and hold the name and option for
delete will pop out. Same thing is also done if you wish to rename any server
name, just tap and hold on the name and option for that will pop out too.

Haven followed this guide to the end, I believe you can now control
your PC files through an Android device even without being a techy dude. Next
coming is how to control your computer/laptop using Mobile phones through CMD
connections. Meanwhile, ensure to drop your comments and as well share this
post to friends on any social media platform below. Thank you.