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Behold How to Use Apple Wallet Via iPhone For Payment Of Anything

Online and offline shopping through an iphone device made
easy with the use of Apple Wallet service. As an iphone user shopping in any
shop, this service enables you to pay for the things you purchased at that
moment, if the shopping mall supports or accept Apple wallet payment. So in
this post, I have outlined the basic guide involved in setting up an Apple
Wallet for any sort of payments both for offline and online goods. Read on for
more tips.

Like some may ask, what really can Apple Wallet do for me
when I set it up?

Well as you may have it, Wallet simply does all that Passbook
can do; that means it still remain a good alternative for boarding cards and
other ticket as well as payments options. That is to say, the wallet rebrand
reflects its extended remit.  Having this
service set up on your smart iOS phone, payments are made very easily and
faster without much stress.

This very component from Apple which is developed as an
Application, serves more in paying for diverse range of purchases from any
outlet as Marks & Spencer, pay for Transportation in London and Pret. This service
from Apple company, is very compatible with so many contactless systems in the
United Kingdom UK, which may be existing. So in other words, one can actually
use this wallet and pay anywhere that contactless is accepted or supported,
even in corner shops.

The service is almost getting to everywhere, so as it stance,
about 250, 000 UK outlets are already in use of Apple pay, which in return, enables
anyone use his or her cards details, stored in Apple wallet for any kind of
payments. As you may also know, this very feature has been launched in United
States of America, USA.

apple iphone wallet app review

How to Set Up Apple
Wallet On iphone Devices

Setting up an Apple wallet is quite simple, just follow my
guide to get it done in minutes. But before then, I thought you should also
know that, you can actually store in your wallet, not only boarding passes,
cinema tickets and service like that, but can as well credit and debit cards
within it.

You can easily add up or set your credit/debit card associated
with your iTunes account to Apple wallet. All you need to do is to enter the card
security code including other information/details linked to the account. You don’t
even need to stress yourself in adding the card details manually, just get your
iphone and hold it over the card and immediately, the iphone mobile will recognize
all the digits or numbers associated to the card. After that, just enter the
security CVV code which can be seen from the back of your card, whether (valve card, master card, Visa card etc).

Now, if you wish to add multiple account using cards to the Apple
wallet, just click on where you see the plus sign. You should also know that,
the guide or instruction differs due to the type of device you are using to operate
that. Below is the step for that:

For both iphone and ipad device, apply the set up by navigating
to Settings
> Wallet and Apple Pay > Add Credit/Debit Card

From watch, just launch the Apple Watch app from your iphone
and then click on Wallet and Apple Pay > Add Credit/Debit Card.

Apple watch wallet app
Note: Your card information
or details are secured as Apple wallet doesn’t store your card details in the
app even in the transaction carried out already. Although, all you can access
in the app is just the most recent purchases. So in other words, your card
security is tightly secured and there is nothing to worry about.

For some of us in UK wondering the kind of loyalty cards that
work with Apple wallet so that they can actually store their credit and debit
cards details for any payment via the Apple Wallet. From now, you should know
that the Apple Wallet App can store your loyalty cards for collection of points
from any payment transaction being made.

Since we are still waiting for the likes of Sainsbury’s
Nectar Card and Tesco’s Clubcard to join suit in usage of Apple’s Wallet app
service, there are other companies already in full control or which may have
taken advantage in offering support for the service.

One of those companies is Starbucks. While purchasing anything in Starbucks, you are of great
advantage to use Apple Pay to make your payment regarding to anything you
ordered for. So there is full access to your virtual Starbucks card for
collection of purchase points which can be redeemed at a later date or there
about. Same thing happens with KFC’s
Colonels Club and Subway’s loyalty card
, as you can make payments for their
services through an Apple Wallet App.

Whether good reason or not, some retailers seems to have no
plans for usage of wallets when it comes to receiving their customer’s payment
for anything ordered for. Boots has
it that, they are mainly focused to Apple Pay functionality in stores at the
present time, when asked if they are ready to initiate the idea of card payment
via wallet. In case you don’t know, Boots is actually a member of the Wallgreens
Boots Alliance group, as well as Wallgreens located in US, going down the
Wallet route with its on Balance Rewards card.

For now, there is no resource that list every single UK
retailer having the loyalty card supported by Apple Wallet. But all you need to
do, is to keep an eye on App Store listings based on the statements made by
many via the description stated, whether the feature is compatible for usage.
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