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Is it Possible to Pay for a Vacation Using Only Cryptocurrency?

Since Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency, was introduced, the popularity of digital currencies has been growing at a wild pace and so has the appetite of holders for more utility cases. The sector might still have a long way to go, but the progress so far is promising, and crypto holders can use their funds to pay for both online and offline products and services. Out of the crypto-friendly sectors, travel stands apart as an industry that is ready to embrace novelty. 

Several innovative crypto projects have changed the travel sector over the last few years and tackled paramount traveler pain points. Digital currencies like Ethereum and Bitcoin continue to gain popularity in the travel sector, in spite of what press coverage tells. 

Is it Possible to Pay for a Vacation Using Only Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies enable easy and transparent payments

Digital currencies have entered the mainstream over the last few years, and accommodation booking platforms like Airbnb have been looking for ways to provide their clients the option to pay with their preferred currencies. Airbnb used Twitter to run a survey to find the public’s opinions on what services it should introduce in the next period, and bookings in crypto have been among the first suggestions. The findings aren’t surprising because research also shows that travelers prefer to pay with digital currencies. The travel sector wastes no time to meet the public’s needs, and travel platforms like Expedia integrated cryptocurrencies as payment methods. Airlines have also joined the trend, and several accept digital money. 

Cryptocurrencies help the travel industry solve some issues that seemed to have no solution for a long time and fragmented the sector. Digital currencies are based on the blockchain, which is a transparent and public ledger. Therefore, once the travel sector adopts cryptocurrencies, it enables travelers to access any piece of information they might be interested in, so they can have the best experience. Cryptocurrencies make planning a vacation easier, more straightforward, faster, and safer. 

What do travelers need to know if they want to pay with cryptocurrencies?

Use digital coins to book your flight and accommodation

As mentioned earlier, a number of flight and accommodation booking platforms accept cryptocurrencies as a payment method, so no matter if you want to travel locally or abroad, you can use your digital money to fund your vacation. It’s recommended to browse the internet for platforms and compare their services to ensure that you invest your cryptocurrencies smartly. 

Plan activities that allow you to use cryptocurrencies

You can use digital currencies in most large cities of the world; however, it would be more challenging to find retailers willing to accept cryptocurrencies in smaller cities or in the countryside. Besides, it’s wise to have well-known and accepted digital currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum in your wallet, as they will take you farther away than niche tokens. Check if there are any Bitcoin or Ethereum ATMs in the region you want to visit in case you need cash. Many countries are crypto-friendly, while others are more welcoming for Bitcoin or Ethereum holders. Suppose you prefer Ethereum; Europe is a great destination, as you can design a trip from the UK to Slovenia and be able to pay with cryptocurrency in all countries. However, you might need to mix in some fiat money in case you want to visit some remote areas. 

Keep in mind that some countries restrict the use of crypto entirely. Don’t try to use your crypto wallet in places like Russia, Algeria, Vietnam, Pakistan, Egypt, China, Qatar, or Bolivia, as you won’t be able to pay for anything. 

Use crypto to pay for ground transportation

Once you land at your destination, you might need to rent a car or take an Uber or taxi to get around. Also, depending on your accommodation, you might need ground transportation to reach must-see places and landmarks. You can use crypto to rent cars because Bitcoin and Ethereum partner with several rental car providers worldwide. Suppose you have a BitPay Card. You can also rent a vehicle with providers who accept Mastercard because the services are the same. 

You can also pay with digital currencies if you travel by public means like tram, bus, trolley, or train. Similarly, as with renting cars, you should look for public transportation systems that accept Mastercard, so you can use your BitPay Card. Several cities in the USA accept crypto payments for public transportation, so you might want to head there if you want to benefit from these services. 

Ride-sharing companies also adopted cryptocurrencies as transportation means. Download the app before leaving home and check to see if you can add your crypto wallet to your account. 

Pay for adventures and excursions

You should book several activities and tickets to events before leaving home to make sure that you’ll have a great experience during your vacation. Also, when you book in advance, you benefit from discounts and better prices. It’s best to make a list of events and activities you can attend by paying with cryptocurrencies so you have no unpleasant surprises during your vacation. 

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The friendliest crypto countries are:

– Czech Republic. Suppose you decide to visit Prague, Czech Republic’s capital, you can use digital money to pay at numerous hotels, restaurants, bars, and other places. 

– Matla. Many travelers name Malta the Blockchain Island because several fintech businesses are based here, and most firms accept digital currencies. You can use your tokens to pay for beach food or souvenirs for your loved ones. 

– Canada. You’ll have no problems finding Bitcoin ATMs in Canada, as the first one was installed in Vancouver. Now dozens of businesses accept crypto payments. 

– United States. As mentioned earlier, the USA is one of the countries where you can pay with digital currencies for transportation and other services. San Francisco, for example, is a tech hub, so most firms accept digital cash as payment. 

– El Salvador. The first country to embrace a digital coin as a legal tender will most likely allow travelers to use their crypto funds to pay for products and services. 

Regardless of your destination, make sure also to have some fiat money in your wallet because you might want to buy from sellers who accept only cash or payments in the local currency.