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Basic Steps On How to Update Your iOS Via iphone/ipad

Updating your iphone or ipad phones to the latest iOS version
often, exposes the mobile device to so many new and great powerful features,
thereby making the usage a lot of fun and interesting. Some of the things
upgrading your iphone or ipad to the latest iOS does, is to get your device solutions
and fixes to some common update problems and misconfigured settings, make your
phone more sophisticated. In this post, I have explained not only how to update
your iphone or ipad for free, but also some of iOS updating basis, how to
download and install the latest available version of iOS, how to let your device
update automatically and lots of more about Beta versions of iOS upgrade.

Before now, there has been a lot of previous and latest
versions of iOS for iphone or ipad devices, which some of us may know about. In
case you don’t know, they are as follows (iOS 4, iOS 5s, iOS 6, iOS 7, iOS 8,
iOS 9, iOS 10, and iOS 11). Before the main launching or release date for any iOS,
some users get Beta version update. And usually, that is when some of the errors
are discovered and fixed for perfect use.

Brief history of iOS 10; it was actually launched in the
Month of September, in the year 2016. It came with lots of new additions &
refinements.  And to have it, since then,
Apple company has been launching series of smaller upgrades with some patches
and extra new minor features. All these are made available to users of ipad and
iphone just for free, as long as your device is among the recent manufactured
new brand model. That’s by the way.

So in case you haven’t updated your iphone or ipad to run iOS
10, then relax and read on to get it run on your device; As we assure you quick
and easy, with safest method to carry out such task. For those who require going
back to the previous version they were before, well my advice for you based on
that, is never to go back. Just keep following the trend as new versions are being
rolled out. Removing your new iOS to your previous isn’t safe at all. It may
lead to system crash and you wouldn’t like such to happen to your device. But
for those who insist in carrying out such task, a special guide is coming and will
be titled: How to remove iOS 10 and go back to iOS 9 or How to remove iOS 11 in
replacement of iOS 10 on iphone or ipad devices. Although, Apple ones removed
‘signing’ from the latest versions to the old version. And that’s by the way

how to update iOS 10, 11 12 on iphone ipad devices free


iOS which is owned and developed by Apple company, is simply
an Operating System software that run fully on iphone, ipad, and ipod touch
devices. It is the main framework that display, organizes, launches and as well
run other applications, presenting a better communication between the device
and the user. It performs several features on a device just like Android
operating system.  

Apple roll out new latest big update on its operating system
every summer at WWDC. Already, iOS 11 has been announced in June, 2017. And
will be ready for the public to download and install it by September this year,
which is probably next month. Not only that, there will be smaller point
updates like iOS 11.1, and so on before the year runs by. So who is getting
ready for its big features?

For the current iOS which is 10.3.2 as of last month, users
get updated automatically if upgraded to iOS 10 already. Same thing is likely
to be the case for the latest coming version of Apple iOS 11.

How To Download and
install iOS 10 on your iPhone or iPad

Before getting to update this operating system, you should
ensure to have your device certified, as in capable of running the new software
update. So to run iOS 10 on your phone, you will need an ipad 4, an ipad mini 2
or later, as well as iphone 5 and its later, or even the sixth-gen ipod touch.

In Preparation for the upgrade, there are things we found
necessary and would benefit you after initiating the upgrade process. So the
steps or things you should do before clicking YES to update prompt/Alert are as follows:

To back-up your iphone or ipad or iPod touch device’s data/files,
you can proceed to use tools like iCloud or iTunes. And your data like messages,
TV shows, photos, Books, music, Camera Roll, Applications, videos and with
phone configuration settings such as APN for browsing etc will be saved. So
after update, in return, all your files will be restored.  Note, the backup won’t include files you
synced from any computer. So to re-sync the files, you should carry out that
with iTunes. So in all, you are also advised to back up your phone data using
computer as well as iCloud.

You might want to change and return to the old version of
iOS after upgrading to the latest. For example, you recently updated your
iphone device from iOS 9 to iOS 10, and later on you decided to return back to your
previous version which is iOS 9. Now, in other to achieve that, all you need to
do is to copy the present latest version of iOS 9 which is already compatible
with your iphone or ipad device. Like I said in the beginning of this article,
Apple company decided not to allow signing iOS 9 or even iOS 10. So the only
allowed signed versions as of last month and this present month are iOS 10.3.1
and iOS 10.3.2. So it’s a no go area when you talk of downgrading devices on
such versions.

To locate the copy of any iOS, just navigate to this path: youruserfolder/Library/iTunes
and choose software Updates folder
for such device. (To access the Library folder from your user folder just hold down
the option key in folder and then select
Go > Library.)

In case your Mac have deleted this file, just open your web
browser and then search for ipsw. When
search result displays, you will get to see many sites giving links to the type
of file you need. So this time just ensure to get working and right one for
your mobile device.

You shouldn’t work with limited space while upgrading your
device. So ensure to delete every unwanted files which is not in use so as to
create enough space for the mobile update. Instead you can choose to go for the
alternative upgrade, that requires you to update iOS in iTunes.

Ensure to Plug in your iPhone or iPad into a power source,
so as to avoid battery low resulting to phone switching off. Its’s very
dangerous for the phone to off while on the process of running the downloading
update. Ensuring that will totally avoid system malfunction and crashing etc.  

For better performance, don’t forget to connect the device
to Wi-Fi before updating. Connecting with 2G, 3G or 4G might disappoint you, as
in, it sucks all your monthly data plan without completing the full download
upgrade. so you are advised to use strong signal Wi-Fi connection.

How to install iOS 10 On iphone or ipad
Below is how to get that done within minutes:

>>1. Switch ON your phone and Go to Settings > General > Software Update

In this stage, you will get a notification letting you know
that there is a new iOS available for your device to download. Now respond to
the notification by confirming you are happy to update your device. And shouldn’t
in case you didn’t see any notification, then go to settings app and scroll
down to General. Next click on software Update in other to force iOS to check
for new or latest updates.

Within few minutes, it will present the latest update available
for your device with the amount of storage space or memory required. If your
phone memory is not enough, then make sure to get it cleared and reserve enough
space. After that, simply confirm you wish to update and then follow the steps below.

>>2. Click on the Download button

>>3. Do not interrupt, just Leave the update until it finishes
the download in background
Immediately, after the download is ready, you will get a
notification saying an update is available for your device.

>>4. Click on Details
And you will be taken to Settings > General > Software Update.

>>5. Next click on Install Now
Now, your iphone or ipad will start the installation of the
iOS update

You can as well choose to leave the installation for later
things. Although, settings will actually display a notification badge until you
get the update installed for such device.

Basic Fixes To Encountered Problem
While on process of update

As you can see from above steps on how to get your device
upgraded to a newer iOS version, you will understand that everything here is
generally easy to carryout. But there are little things that makes the update
potentially go wrong. For some of the iOS 10 troubleshooting read on below.

  • Why Update is
    taking too long on my iphone or ipad?

Usually, when any new iOS update is rolled out from Apple,
there is always delay in time while updating the operating system to your
device. This is because Apple’s server is very much crowded, as many persons
are also downloading from the server. And this is usually encountered more
whenever a new iOS is released to the public. Well, in order not to encounter
such, you have to wait for some time, at least when the server is free from
much load of people trying to access the new iOS. Waiting, will also protect
your device, as some bugs discovered are fixed later. And before you get to
download yours, everything must have been fixed or set properly.  

  • No Enough memory
    space on the iphone or ipad

The problem of update not successful can be as a result of
no enough space or memory to harbor the file which is to be installed on the
device. The solution to this is to have some of your files deleted in other to accommodate
the update file. You can back them up, then after update you restore the
backup. Alternatively, you can use the method of updating your iOS through
iTunes on Mac.

  • iOS automatically
    update your iPhone or iPad Overnight

Well, this isn’t bad at all, as Apple encourages users to
install iOS update just for frequent fixes made by them. This automatic feature
that comes up for updating to newer iOS overnight can be stopped and delayed.
So in case you wish not to have your iphone or ipad update overnight while you
are at sleep, just respond and reply to the update pop by tapping on “later”

  • Beta versions of iOS

This is always released to some set of users whenever a new
version of iOS is launched. It is not the main iOS but the type use for testing
mode, if it is capable for use. This beta test is used to discover lots of bugs
and then, get fixed in the main iOS which is to be made public.