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See How New Method Of Apple Peer-To-Peer Payments Will Work On iphone – ipad

Here are outlined ways on how peer-to-peer Apple Pay
payments will work on your devices, regarding to the upcoming Apple’s iOS 11. In
our previous post, you will find out that Apple is already carrying out
payments to anything purchased in online stores via Apple Wallet Payment App onyour iphone or ipad. So this payment system is about to be improved to another
level of transaction where you can be able to transfer money to another user on
your contact list if not only for payments for things purchased online and offline.

Apple company announced this very feature about 2 months ago
(June, 2017) during Apple’s developer conference and the feature was marketed
as one of the most interesting and biggest upgrades done in iOS 11. And as it
stands, this very feature will be available to iphone or ipad users, as it is
coming with iOS 11, this very coming month September.

There are lots of other mobile payments application used in
transferring money to family and friends, or for business transactions. For
example, payments platforms like PayPal, Venmo, Payoneer etc. Since Apple as a
company has tight integration based on their existing payment platform regarding
to their company’s software ecosystem. Bringing this new service will go a long
way in making a better solution for any kind of payments which any user of
iphone or ipad is to carry out. This feature is strictly for Apple products, so
those using Android mobile phones can’t access or use this feature to either
transfer or receive money; As the transaction is only done on Apple iMessager.  

Apple Peer-To-Peer Payment on iOS 11 image

Having written a brief demo about the action service, below
is everything we gathered about this Apple peer-to-peer payment.

>> The feature of peer-to-peer payments will be made available
to those in United States US first.
>> As a user, you can actually pay someone through
iMessage or Siri, even on iphone, ipad and Apple watch.
>> Before making payment or transfer to anyone, you
need to ensure that the person’s account you wish to send the money is active
in iMessage.
>> Ones you receive a payment from another user, it
will be converted to an Apple Pay Cash Card.

Note: The virtual
cards which accepts the payments lives in Wallet on the latest iOS 11. And was
developed to be used like a gift card to make all your payments. The very
advantage to this service, is that, it is essentially a virtual instant bank
account for cash. So in other words, payments are received instantaneously. And
hope you know, this is exactly the way other payments like PayPal and Venmo
works based on fund transactions.

>> You can as well get money in the Cash Card should
in case you are not enrolled in Apple pay.
>> In this platform you need not to bother yourself in
anything called settings. That is to say, when you get any money transferred into
your account, an Apple Pay Cash Card gets automatically generated on your
iphone or ipad, or even your Apple Watch.
>> The peer-to-peer payment works with tap to pay
>> You can use the money to pay anything in Apple
Pay-enabled locations and even in apps.
>> The feature works without you signing into another
service platform.
>> Your payment can be carried out if the other person
is using iMessage.

>> Also from the account, you can transfer money to
your local bank but it has to go to Cash Card First.

That is to say, Apple doesn’t allow user to get money
directly transferred in to other bank accounts. It must certainly get to Cash
Card First before sending it out to other banks. And this is similar to PayPal
accounts, how Square, Venmo accounts, Payoneer accounts and other payment

>> Finally, the Cash Card was embedded to live in an
off-phone account and set to work across authorized devices.

Now, this implies that, if eventually your phone gets lost
or stolen as the case may be, the card will still keep its money in an encrypted
account off the phone itself. So the fund can be used across devices; which
means you can get the money via an iphone and also get to use it on ipad, and
as well, through an Apple watch.