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9 Tips for Choosing an SEO Consultant for Your Ecommerce Store

There’s no doubt about the fact that you can make great money and grow your career by starting your ecommerce store. However, like any other business journey, you have to ensure that you attract people to your store first before getting the results. 

The only way you can increase the sales of your ecommerce store is by focusing on SEO. With a proper SEO strategy, it will become easier for you to get more attention from your target audience, and you will have a chance of increasing your sales. 

The problem is that it’s not easy to do SEO for your ecommerce store if you have not done it in the past. However, you can solve this problem by hiring an SEO consultant. Keep reading this article to find nine actionable tips for choosing the best SEO consultant for your ecommerce store.  

1. The specific expertise 

Remember that there are different types of SEO strategies, and when it comes to ecommerce SEO, your consultant must have elaborate experience in fixing SEO issues for ecommerce stores. Hiring an SEO consultant who has not worked for any ecommerce stores in the past will not be the right option for you. 

Make sure that when you are looking for a Magento SEO expert, you ask different experts about their experience. It’s better that you hire someone who has elaborate experience in the ecommerce SEO field. Avoid choosing anyone who doesn’t know how to claim the top SERP rankings for ecommerce stores no matter how experienced they are about different fields of SEO. 

2. Focus on the deadlines

One of the biggest reasons why biggest owners are recommended to work on SEO is that it’s easier to track the ROI. However, no matter how amazing the SEO opportunity is for your business, it will not be helpful for you if you don’t make decisions at the right time. 

You have to ensure that you implement the right SEO strategies at the right time. But how can you nail this goal? Remember that you have to hire an ecommerce SEO expert who knows the importance of guidelines. If they don’t care about following the guidelines, working with them will not be beneficial for your ecommerce store. 

3. The tools they use

The good thing about SEO in this age is that there’s no shortage of amazing SEO tools that can bring great results in no time. However, no matter how many tools are available in the market, it’s the job of an SEO expert to decide which tools will be the best for ecommerce stores. 

Make sure that your SEO specialist is willing to share with you the tools they use. This way, you won’t be wasting your time working with an SEO guy who doesn’t know the right tools. 

4. Creation and adoption of strategies

Remember that when you are on the goal of improving the SERP rankings of your ecommerce store, you don’t have to start without a proper strategy. It’s your job to ensure that you hire someone who knows about proper strategy.

Starting your ecommerce SEO plan without thinking properly will be like shooting darts in the dark. Ask your SEO consultant about the strategies they have implemented for different ecommerce stores in the past, so you don’t make the wrong decision. 

5. Measuring the results

As mentioned above, the main reason why you should invest in SEO is that you get to track the ROI easily. It is therefore important that the SEO consultant you choose knows about tracking the results and taking actions the right way. 

You will have to ask your SEO provider about how they implement an SEO strategy and what their approach to tracking the results. 

6. Knowledge of marketing

A common misconception that people have about SEO is that it’s all about optimizing for the keywords and creating content. However, on the contrary, SEO can never be a good option for ecommerce stores unless it’s fitted with a proper marketing plan. 

You will fail to get your goals unless your SEO consultant is willing to take action in accordance with a proper marketing plan. You will have to ask the SEO consultant you are about to hire if they have proper knowledge of the marketing industry. 

For example, your SEO consultant should know about different strategies like Email marketing, so they blend the SEO plan with the overall marketing plan of your ecommerce store. 

7. Experience in Mobile SEO

The main reason why some ecommerce stores fail to achieve the desired goals is that they don’t optimize their store for mobile users. It’s a fact that most people nowadays have a smartphone, and they use it for finding relevant information and placing orders online. 

An ecommerce store is not set to be accessible for smartphone users by default. It’s the job of an SEO consultant to ensure that the website is fit for smartphone users. If your store isn’t accessible on the phone, you will not be able to make more sales. 

Ask your SEO consultant if they have proper experience in Mobile SEO and can make your store easy to access for smartphone users. 

8. Staying updated with the trends

One of the amazing things about SEO is that things are not stringent in this field. With the constant efforts of Google and other search engines, SEO is an ever-changing marketing strategy that requires proper attention and experience. 

The SEO consultant you hire should be well aware of this fact. It should be their motive to ensure that they keep the ecommerce SEO plan for your website updated with the new trends in the industry. 

9. The Link-building approach 

The basic algorithm of all search engines places those websites on top of SERPs that have the most backlinks. If you want to get discovered by your target audience through SEO, you will have to build amazing backlinks for your website. Your SEO consultant should know the process of building backlinks for ecommerce stores.