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Difference Between HD Ready and Full HDTV

Television has long ruled our hearts when it comes to the most common and engaging source of entertainment. It has been the sole source of entering the world of non-stop entertainment in the form of TV shows, movies, music, talk shows, and whatnot!

There are numerous cable providers out there in the market with attractive plans to satisfy your needs. Subscribers of Spectrum TV packages seem to be making the most out of their money by enjoying high-quality entertainment at a very pocket-friendly price. After all the right cable subscription is a must-have. But so is a good TV and what can be a better choice than an HDTV.

HDTVs occupy a very competitive place in the market and are a winner. In the USA, they have been here for around ten years, though the technology dates back more. It was in the late 1960s that Japan arose as a technologically advancing country and a hub for cheap electronics. One major area of technological development for them was the television broadcast. 

Let’s know more about HD TVs.


HDTV or high definition television is a new way of broadcasting where the video is broadcast digitally. The question here arises how it is different from analog television? Well, HDTVs have a higher resolution as compared to the analog sets. This means that they can display crispier images with more clarity as compared to analog TV. Thus, HDTV is the new and better stuff in the market that has received instant attention from consumers for its outstanding performance. 

Though all TVs basically do the same thing-they make bigger images comprising of smaller dots that are termed as pixels. The difference is the number of pixels since HDTV uses a higher number of pixels as compared to the SDTV resulting in more detailing and impressive picture quality. This is why HDTVs offer better color, clarity, and sharpness as compared to traditional TV. 

Moreover, HDTV involves digital broadcasting so a lower bandwidth is required. The screens are also usually much wider as compared to traditional TV screens. The HDTV screens are designed in accordance with the range of the peripheral region of the human eye. So they offer a better TV watching experience. 

HD Ready and Full HDTVHD Ready and Full HDTV

Difference between HD Ready and Full HD TV Sets?

HD Ready sets come with a lower resolution screen of around 720p while the full HD sets provide resolution of up to 1080p. HD Ready sets usually downgrade the 1080p broadcaster signal to 720p resolution. 

Equipment required

To enjoy an amazing HDTV watching experience, you need a signal source. This could be your cable receiver, an antenna, a game console, or any other such device. It depends on the electronic device that you want to connect to your TV. You can make use of Spectrum TV packages to enjoy HD channels to the fullest with your HD TV. 

How to Record HDTV?

It mainly depends on the model and makes of your HDTV set. Usually, there is a video recording option so all you have to do is to insert a USB stick and save the content. If not so, you can get a hard disk recorder or Blu-ray recorder to be able to record the desired content. 

HDTV recordings are saved in the HD formats which are difficult to be reproduced on ordinary video players. You will have to check out online software that allows you to convert HDTV to any other suitable format if you want. 

Wrapping Up

When it comes to picture quality, higher resolution and crispness-HDTC is a clear winner here. Also, their bigger, more rectangular screen size and sleek designs are eye-catching for the consumers. HDTVs also allow you to record your favorite content.

This is why they have gained widespread popularity with traditional TVs almost becoming obsolete. So if you are planning to buy a new TV and wondering why to go for HDTV the aforementioned details might be enough to help you make up your mind and have an amazing TV watching experience. Do not forget to get a reliable cable TV subscription to make the most out of your HDTV! Happy watching!