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Samsung Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Note 10 flagship 2019

Over the past few years, Samsung has been launching three flagship phones, two Galaxy S and Galaxy Note models, but now the news is that Samsung plans to launch five flagship phones for 2019, which seems to be one of These are five Galaxy Note 10 phones and four other Galaxy S-series.
Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Note 10

As you know, the rumors market is hot before the flags of major companies are unveiled, and a lot of information has already been released about these phones. We are going to share the rumors about Samsung 2019 flagship. Stay tuned.

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Galaxy Note 10

According to the rumors, the Galaxy Note 10 will use a 6.75-inch display, which means that the handset will not only be larger than the Galaxy Note 9, but will also be considerably larger than the Galaxy S9 Plus.

Galaxy S10 and its Derivatives

Rumors say the 5G Galaxy S III will come with a 6.66-inch display. It’s likely that Samsung plans to launch two other Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus phones (maybe these phones will also have extensions) in 2019, with respectively 6.11 and 6.44-inch displays.

Samsung will eventually introduce a more affordable smartphone called the Galaxy S 10 Light, which is likely to have a 5.75-inch display, which is smaller than the current Trend of the Mobile Market.

Time to introduce Samsung’s new flagship

We expect Samsung to unveil its 2019 flagship, the S-series 10, on a March one-day event. Samsung has yet to report on the launch date of the Galaxy Note 10, but according to previous plans, we expect the Galaxy Note 10 to be unveiled at the end of August next year.