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Samsung and Upday Present an Exciting New Esports News App

Samsung and Upday combine their efforts to release an eSports app called Jaxon. The app ensures eSports fans have the most up-to-date news across eSports and gaming. So, if you are a fan of titles like Valorant, Fortnite, League of Legends, and Dota 2, you will love this app. You can download the app from the Google Play Store or Galaxy Store. 

In recent years the eSports industry has kept booming and it has got the attention of gaming fans on top casino sites like HappyLuke, a top-rated gambling site in Thailand. Moreover, studies have revealed that eSports has attracted more young fans than the older generation. 

Other studies have revealed that the eSports audience grew by around 8.7% in 2021, reaching 474 million. Moreover, the experts argue that this growth will continue at a rate of 7.7% CAGR to over 550 million by 2024. 

Esports Is a Global Trend

Now that eSports has become a global phenomenon, fans globally want to get the latest news and trends. Additionally, the type of content that users want is also becoming broader and more diversified. 

Apart from tournament streams and eSports league matches on YouTube and Twitch, fans are looking for a platform that bundles and classifies the most exciting events in eSports. As a result, Samsung developed an app that comes with a news platform update to offer fans the latest eSports news and content. 

With Jaxon, you can receive an overview of all relevant news and meticulously curated content from a skilled editorial team. Moreover, once you install the app, you can access the latest content such as commentary, fascinating match day stories, and exclusive interviews. This content covers all the top games, including Valorant, Dota 2, and League of Legends. 

Personalized Esports Content

The app allows you to customize which news and formats you want to see by following the channels of your preferred games. Users get a trending stream that pulls together the most important eSports news in full-screen format. It also focuses on video content that you can consume flexibly and quickly. 

Switching Channels Is Like Clockwork

Jaxon makes it effortless for users to switch to the channel having their preferred game with a single swipe. It usually lists the content in a dedicated feed. 

Additionally, the app comes with an integrated calendar function that allows users to check the start of the next tournament or when top-rated eSports stars will be in action next.  

Jaxon – The Eponymous Character

The eponymous character Jaxon is the app’s other unique feature. Jaxon is a space-themed character intended to give a different twist to gaming news. 

The character will be the focal point at the app and brand as a design element, advisor, author, social media influencer, and offline personality. Jaxon will share his views on the trending topics in eSports in an entertaining and informative manner. 

Final Thoughts

Jaxon is a welcome addition to the eSports fandom. The app will make it effortless for fans to follow the latest game news and content. As a result, it will ensure they don’t miss any moment from the tournaments and their preferred players.