Gone are the days when Banks play pranks to customers banking with them without their knowledge. Someone may say what is Techbmc about to unveil this time around. As a business tycoon, one thing is always involved in business, and that is “understanding markets”, once you know that, everything will be moving as planned for you. Before going into the main topic of the day, let me draw your understanding to what I meant by understanding the market.

Now understanding the market according to the way it has been working for me simply implies the science of supply and rightful demand as at when due, and the ability to use the technical aspect of financial intelligence when others are in a state of financial ruin. I hope you understand this, but if you don’t, read on for better comprehension.

Now to the main deal of the day.
Considering the dollar hike and the recent fall of Naira in Nigeria. As a blogger, receiving your monthly earnings from Google AdSense directly from Nigeria Bank savings account is not advisable now. Reason is because, when Google adsense make their payment and send yours in dollars, may be to your savings account, the bank you are banking with automatically converts the dollar into naira at the rate of N180.5 per dollar or at any low rate that pleases them. This is where the prank I was talking about above comes in. when dollar is sold per dollar at N360 to N370 in black market. The annoying part of it is that if you try to buy something in online stores let’s say in dollars, using your credit cards issued from Nigerian banks, you will be charged  N365 per dollar, which is so bad to any ear to hear.

 So the essence of this post is to guide you on how to use Domiciliary account instead of using direct bank wire transfer for your Google AdSense earning into your Nigerian Savings account. Since it will save you from bank savings account converting your dollars at low/cheaper rate, same is also applicable to any other transaction that requires the payment in dollars, as you can receive all in dollars without conversion and then sell or exchange with black marketers or to companies that does that.

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How to Recieve Your Adsesne Earning Using A Domiciliary Account In Nigeria?
Everything is quit simple, just the normal method you used in setting up your savings account, same is also applied here setting dorm account in your google AdSense account. Now, follow the simplified steps below to get it done.

==>1. Goto http://www.google.com/adsense
Login to your Google Adsense account dashboad
==>2. Click on the gear icon (settings icon) at the top right corner of your computer screen and select Payments.
==>3. Now click on the payment settings on the left hand side of your screen and click on Remove to remove your savings account and the select Add a new payment method.

==>4. After that, click on select a payment method and pick the bank wire option.
==>5. Fill as given in your domiciliary account and enter your dorm account number at the space provided. (You can get the SWIFT-BIC code for your bank here.)
==>6. When done, be sure to thick the “Set this payment method as primary” before saving.


Bravo! You just did the set up, now any payment from Google AdSense should directly go into your dorm account. And the bank in which you opened the dorm account will always alert you once any money enters in. Then after you must have received the fund, all you need to do is to goto your Bank and withdraw the money in dollars and then goto meet dollar exchangers for better exchange rate that would yield a better profit. This is what I meant by understanding and having the financial techy intelligence at first. Being a business tycoon is all about brainstorming with sharp strategies. That’s what differentiate you from other business men.


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