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Hiring a Lawyer After Car Accident

Vehicle accidents are not worth experiences. It comes with physical injuries and some, with emotional trauma. It also requires medical treatment that costs a lot. In cases where the accident brought about injuries, you’ll be needing the services of a personal injury lawyer. But in another case of destruction of property only, hire a car accident lawyer.

Things to do after a car accident

Car accidents brings about anxiety, shock and pain. However, it is necessary to do the following:

  • Pull yourself together: Don’t let shock or panic attack take over you. It would do more harm.
  • Call 911: call 911 immediately if you sustained injuries. If you didn’t, move away from the vehicle, then call 911.
  • Get info about the other vehicle’s owner: Exchange names, insurance company and driver’s license number.
  • Call your insurer: Before you call your insurer, gather info about the other vehicle, also take pictures of the damage done to your vehicle or property.
  • Go to the hospital: Bear in mind that even though you didn’t sustain injuries that can be seen, there might be injuries sustained internally.

Things you should not do after a car accident

Below are common mistakes you should avoid doing after a car accident.

  • Admitting that you’re responsible for the accident. Apologizing or taking blame.
  • Getting angry or emotional. Attacking the other vehicle’s driver physically or verbally.
  • Negotiating or entering deals with the other vehicle’s driver. It’s the duty of your lawyer and insurance company to do all these.

When to hire a lawyer after a car accident

It is important to hire a lawyer as soon as possible after the car accident especially where there is a property damage as a result of the accident. If there were injuries sustained, a personal injury lawyer should be hired as well. These lawyers will guide you through the compensation process and defend you from a negligence claim if you are the driver at fault.

Why it is important to hire a lawyer after a car accident?

Explaining legal issues and representation

You need a lawyer to explain incomprehensible insurance policies and guide or defend you during a negligence claim or lawsuit. A professional car accident attorney would also ensure that you get the compensation you deserve.

Settling with your insurance company

A car accident lawyer meets with your insurance company to ensure that you get a fair insurance coverage of what was lost or damaged during the accident.

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Items to be provided to the lawyer after a car accident

Once you’ve hired a lawyer, provide them with the following documentation

  1. Evidence collected from the accident scene
    Police reports
  2. Medical reports (of injuries sustained in the accident)
  3. Insurance company details.
  4. Information about the accident.
  5. Financial documentation and warranty paperwork relevant to the accident.

When should you file a claim for a car accident?

  • No long talk. Do it as soon as possible.

Determining the value of compensation

There are many factors that could determine the value of compensation a person would receive from the at-fault party after a car accident. The duty of your lawyer to represent you and use these factors to get you your compensation.

Below are factors and analysis the lawyer would put into consideration

  • Medical bills(past and future)
  • Death claim.
  • Personal pain and injuries
  • Financial loss.
  • Property damage
  • Emotional instability…..


Now you’ve got a clue, or lots of clues why car accident lawyer is necessary after a car accident.

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