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Canada Government Student Jobs

Are you studying in Canada or planning to study in Canada and don’t know the jobs available as a student? Then it would be best if you tried checking out this article.

Keep reading as you’ll get an in-depth knowledge of Canada government jobs and other things like the eligibility and websites you can get those jobs from, so let’s dive in!

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Why You Need The Canada Government Student Jobs

While you’re a student in Canada, you can gain valuable experience by working for the country’s top employer of undergraduates, the Canadian government.

Thousands of jobs are available with the Canadian government, and numerous career paths are available. Furthermore, these jobs offer salaries that are competitive in the field.

All departments and organizations can access Canada’s biggest student database, which is available all year round. It offers full- and part-time employment opportunities in various fields, including the sciences, trades, administration, IT, finance, and many others.

Canada Government Student Jobs

In Canada, part-time employment is permitted when a student is enrolled in classes. As a result, a wide variety of positions are needed in many businesses. Canada has a 20-hour weekly cap on student employment or an overall monthly cap of 80 hours.

In addition, students may work 40 hours per week, or 160 hours per month, throughout the summer and during holidays. 14 CAD is the hourly minimum wage.

To apply for part-time employment, a student must first acquire the required paperwork from their university, including a student ID, study permit, bank account information, and social security information (SIN number). Before they consider a student to be employable, employers ask for these things.

As a student, the majority of part-time employment fall into one of three groups based on their income and accessibility to international students:

  • Unskilled jobs
  • Qualified or skilled jobs, and
  • Blue-collar or digital service jobs.

Now let us take a look at the different Canada

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1. Unskilled Jobs

Unskilled Jobs
Unskilled Jobs

Work in restaurants, hotels, convenience stores, supermarkets, lounges, and bars, as well as as a cashier, a cleaner, or a person delivering food, are examples of unskilled employment. These occupations are offered to students now and don’t require any prior experience.

Students can make up to 16 CAD per hour (without gratuities), but these professions are extremely labor-intensive and stressful because they require a lot of focus and effort.

2. Cooperative Education or Internships

Cooperative Education or Internships
Cooperative Education or Internships

As a co-op student, you must work to complete your program’s requirements. On or off campus, this work is possible. This kind of work prepares graduates for the job market by giving them experience in a professional setting and practical training.

Internships, where you will receive on-the-job training as part of your degree, are quite similar to the idea of co-ops. However, if the work is required for your program, you will require a co-op work permit.

3. Skilled or Licensed Jobs

Skilled or Licensed Jobs
Skilled or Licensed Jobs

Jobs at factories, industrial firms, and security companies are examples of skilled or licensed positions. They typically call for a licensing certificate, which typically costs 400 CAD to get.

Most of the time, this employment comes with a guarantee and some level of job security. However, for international students aiming to make a solid living, digital service professions like those at UBER, a digital transportation business, have grown in popularity.

Because of how convenient and cutting-edge they are, many Canadians use digital transportation systems, making these positions quite rewarding with a wise investment in a car.

Due to the unconventional nature of these jobs and the fact that work hours depend on the drivers, students are not limited to 20 hours per week of employment.

4. Volunteer Jobs

Volunteer Jobs
Volunteer Jobs

Other volunteer positions don’t pay but help students develop strong networks and allow them to meet many influential people in their areas or career paths.

Students can stroll in and present their resumes in person, which is more effective in getting employment in Canada, or submit their CVs or resumes to these companies online.

Eligibility for Canada Government Student Jobs

You must fulfill the standards to be eligible for the job offer to find government employment in Canada.

You must fulfill these qualifications to work at Canada’s provincial, municipal, and federal levels. So, make sure you don’t miss any of it.

  • If you were at least 16 years old, that would help.
  • You must be a permanent resident or a citizen of Canada. However, you are qualified to work if you have a valid work permit and meet all other governmental requirements.
  • You must satisfy both the screening requirements and the position’s language requirements. That is the national tongue of Canada.
  • Priority will be given to Canadian citizens and permanent residents who meet the job requirements. International students are still welcome, though.
  • You are eligible for this program if you can meet these three requirements. You must be a full-time student in high school, a CEGEP, a college, or a university. It would be best to begin taking classes full-time again during the next academic year. You are of legal drinking age in the province or territory where you work.
  • This includes college students with disabilities, including those given full-time status by their academic institution.
  • Adult retraining and secondary education learners may also have access to student employment programs.

After Applying

When a position becomes vacant after you apply, managers will utilize the inventory to fill it. You will be notified through email if your application has been successful or your application status has changed. If your application is accepted for further consideration, a manager will contact you regarding a test and interview.

Websites To Get Canada Government Student Jobs

1. CareerBuilder

CareerBuilder must be included on any list of the top job search engines as it is one of the largest and longest-running job boards on the Internet; CareerBuilder is renowned for its size and longevity.

With its comprehensive search feature, you may locate government jobs in Canada using filters for job titles, salary ranges, and areas.

2. Monster

It’s interesting that Monster, a sizable job site, provides services like networking, resume reviews, service firm profiles, and mobile apps in more than 40 nations. It is a significant and one of the earliest commercial websites.

As a result, you can use these websites to find Canadian government jobs. Additionally, this website is ideal because it determines how well you might fit a role based on your interests and abilities.

3. ZipRecruiter

First off, ZipRecruiter was developed as a platform for small businesses to post jobs at a reasonable price. However, it has evolved into an online employment marketplace that uses artificial intelligence to connect employers of all sizes with job searchers via the Internet, email services, and mobile devices.

You may also search for jobs and submit applications using the ZipRecruiter mobile app.

4. LinkedIn

The only way to find government employment in Canada on one of the biggest networking sites, LinkedIn, is through a direct employer list and networking with your wider network.

You may rapidly share and uncover career-related content, delve into leadership posts from professionals in your field, and ask for and give recommendations using your profile as your resume.

Additionally, you can participate in expert discussions and follow governmental organizations that interest you and are pertinent to your job search.

However, the premium version of LinkedIn is fee-based. The premium paid features, however, provide sophisticated search services and capabilities.

The Student Work Placement Program (SWPP) of the Government of Canada

Employers can use a range of funding options through the Canadian government’s Student Work Placement Program (SWPP) to hire students for experiential learning. Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) uses the following service providers to administer this money.

Essential Updates; New SWPP funding modifications

The Student Work Placement Program of the Government of Canada has announced a switch to SWPP financing as of April 1, 2022. These modifications include:

  • Restrictions on net new hiring will be reinstated. Net new is the total number of students you recruit each year, and it indicates how many work-placement subsidies you are qualified for.
  • Up to 50% of students’ salaries will be covered by funding. Up to 70% of employees hired from underrepresented groups, such as first-year students, women in STEM fields, students from indigenous groups, people with disabilities, and recent immigrants, may be eligible for pay subsidies. After each work term, this is decided individually.
  • Co-op students may carry on working from home or in a hybrid workplace. NOTE: Some exclusions could be necessary if you intend to hire a student as an independent contractor.

Canada Government Student Jobs Frequently Asked Questions

Can immigrants work for the government in Canada?

Yes, immigrants from Canada can work in the public sector here. However, in reality, few government positions specifically call for Canadian citizens (although you can apply for citizenship after a brief period), and immigrants can easily find government positions in Canada at the federal, provincial, or local levels.

Interestingly, there are fewer layoffs and more stable government positions in Canada. They are also great perks that come with your pay.

However, your chances of landing government work in Canada will increase if you are multilingual (i.e., fluent in all three official languages of Canada).

Is it advantageous to work for the government in Canada?

Of course, the advantages and incentives of working for the Canadian government are among its greatest features. This includes a wide range of benefits, flexible working hours, and chances for career advancement.

Canada Government Student Jobs Conclusion

The Canadian government student jobs are usually available here, and you can get arrays of jobs ranging from skilled, unskilled, or volunteering jobs.

As a student, you can also get research jobs if you’re someone that has a research niche, which can, in turn, generate money.