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The latest innovative technologies in the automotive industry

The latest innovative technologies in the automotive industry

Today it is difficult to imagine life without a car, since the scope of its application is truly limitless. In addition, the car has many advantages: comfort (there is no need to crowd in public transport and adjust to the time); freedom of movement (you decide where, at what time and for how long to stay in a particular...
Insurance for Commercial Truckers

What Type of Insurance Do Commercial Truckers Need?

Commercial trucking insurance is important coverage for a small firm or an owner-operator offering trucking services. Your coverage options may differ depending on the type of goods you’re transporting, the type of truck you’re driving, your experience, and the risks incurred.  Different types of coverage can protect you from costly bills should any of your vehicles become involved in an...

Top 20 Best Selling Cars &Trucks In USA – June 2017

Hi pals, today I thought of sharing the top 20 best-selling Cars and Trucks in United States of America. This came up to my mind after having a little argument with a friend on the title of this post above. We were seriously arguing about the top manufacturing car selling companies in USA. On that note, we had to browse the internet after...