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How to Update Apple HomePod’s software

Apple recently released to the public their first software update for HomePod device. And this tutorial is crafted to guide you on how to update your HomePod Speaker without much technique being involved. New iOS 11.4, Apple launched Audio iOS 11.4 which is an updated version for the software powering the company’s smart speaker. It may also interest you to...
Alexa Echo device

How To Use Alexa’s Follow-Up Mode Via Echo Devices

Even though smart speakers that are found in the home are becoming way smarter, they can only handle one task at a time. If it is needed to perform another task, it must be woken up. Here is an update on how to use Alexa's follow up mode through Echo Devices. Amazon has been able to add a new feature...
set up the multiroom listening feature

How To Set Up Multiroom Music Playback With Amazon Echo

Multiroom music being part of the feature list for Amazon Echo devices, was added previous year. This unique feature enables you to stream audio sources like Radio or Music to some other Echo speakers that you might have all over your house. In any case that you happen to be in possession of numerous Echo devices, a walk-through is...