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How To Use Alexa’s Follow-Up Mode Via Echo Devices

Even though smart speakers that are found in the home are becoming way smarter, they can only handle one task at a time. If it is needed to perform another task, it must be woken up. Here is an update on how to use Alexa’s follow up mode through Echo Devices.

Amazon has been able to add a new feature into Alexa on its Echo devices which lets one to give numerous commands one after the other without the need of saying the wake word for every new task. This is called the Follow-Up Mood and below presents a walk-through about how it is being set up and used.

Alexa Echo device

Follow-Up Mode on Amazon Alexa

This feature was not originally enabled by default, however, to set it up requires you to launch the Alexa app on your web browser or mobile device by visiting Alexa. Navigate through to Settings, choose your Alexa device, then you would see Follow-Up Mode under the General section – set the switch to On.

Note: In a case you didn’t see this option, you might be required to force the update, which was my case. In order to force the update, turn off the Echo speaker for some seconds and then power it on again. As at this moment, it is just available in English in the U.S.Amazon echo follow up mode settings

Alexa will keep waiting to hear the next command by the time the first one has been completed with the Follow-Up Mode. The fun thing about it is that you can be able to navigate through a series of instructions without the use of the wake word. You have to wait till Alexa tells you that each task has been completed before you give a new one. So, for instance, my dialogue with my Echo was like this:

  • Me: “Alexa, set alarm to ring by 8 AM tomorrow.”
  • Alexa: “OK, alarm set for 8 AM tomorrow.”
  • Me: “In addition, create a reminder.”
  • Alexa: “What purpose is the reminder for?”
  • Me: “To pick up some groceries after work.”
  • Alexa: “What time would you like to be reminded?”
  • Me: “5 PM”
  • Alexa: “OK, the reminder has been set.”
  • Me: “Next play Metallica.”
  • Alexa: “Now playing songs randomly from Metallica.”
  • Me: “Thank you.”
  • Alexa: “It’s my pleasure, that is why I am here.”

Though results may vary, but it is rather trilling once you start getting along with it, how it is possible for you to go through series of commands and converse with Alexa. In a case where your Echo is set to take charge of your IoT devices and smart home, there are lots of opportunities. You should also note that the Follow-Up Mode won’t work while you are listening to audio such as music, audio books or podcasts. Or, when you are using your Echo in making Phone calls.

Remember Your Privacy

As much as it is a soothing new feature, bear in mind that with the Follow-Up Mode turned on, your Echo now actively listens for a much longer period of time. All your voice commands and even all background noises that are within earshot, are being recorded and saved onto Amazon servers. If having an Amazon’s listening device in your home gives you concern about your privacy, then await our upcoming publication on “How All Your Recorded Voice History From Amazon Can Be Deleted”

Other digital assistants and smart speakers, with an inclusion of the ones on your computer and mobile device also record your voice activity. Also, you might not want to miss How to take IPhone photos with siri Voice commands. That’s all for now, ensure to share the post to friends and family on social media.

How much have you used Alexa and what are your experiences with its’ Follow-Up Mode? Tell us about it in the comment section below.