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How To Skyrocket Your Alexa Ranking For Blog Or Website In Few Steps

Are you a blogger, or a website owner, and yet to implement Alexa Ranking to your blog/website. Here comes the golden opportunity for you to do that. For those new to what Alexa ranking is all about and those aware of it but with little or no knowledge.

Today, you will find out how essential and how good Alexa Ranking is to your blog/website. But before that, it is good for you to testify that the majority of blogs and websites, are always evaluated by their Alexa ranks. That is to say, any group of persons or company that wants to partner with you in business just as an advertiser, will first of all check the details of your Alexa ranking. Just to see whether your blog/website is with a great Alexa ranking. If indeed your blog or website is swimming in the ocean of great ranking, you will see the person being curious to advertise on your blog. And you should know what that means as a blogger.

 What Alexa Ranking is all about and How it’s works:

Alexa is one of the most popular ranking sites if you should talk of site traffic evaluation, and it was put in place by Amazon corporations. Alexa ranking is such that is updated everyday. As a blogger, you should know that excellent Alexa ranking is very vital to the niche you are operating on. Since you are here, believe me you will go a long way in understanding and in same way boost the Alexa ranking of your blog. Now below are vital/easy steps for Alexa rank optimization. Just implement and watch your blog a day to see how it will skyrocket to the peak.

Steps And Tips to improve Alexa Rank of your blog/website Quickly:
1. By Claiming Your Blog on Alexa:
This is important because, it will show the approval of ownership to that site. And after you must have claimed the site, you will notice an excellent rise to the traffic of your blog in Alexa rank. In Alexa ranking, you are eligible to create free account and for full features of it, you are recommended to go for premium account. Even if you are not able to go for the premium account, don’t border because, the free account is enough for your blog/website to be verified. Although, you will not have access to it’s full features like I said earlier. Note, when you must have verified your site on Alexa, there is an option for putting your company’s details so as to satisfy how professional your blog/Website is. It will help to tell any advertiser that you are not a scammer. By mere doing that you are also indirectly telling your advertisers that they can trust you in business. Never to forget, claiming the site mainly will attract a lot of benefits to your blog as a webmaster, so endeavor to do that immediately.

Get Verify on Alexa Rank

2.  Installing The Alexa toolbar on your Browsers:
 it simply collect details on the hits your blog is getting from web browsers used to access it.

Alexa offers you a toolbar as a publisher or a website/blog owner when you register your blog with them. Through the toolbar one can easily check the Alexa rank of the blog or website via web browsers.
That implies that Alexa toolbar gathers the details of your website hits through web browsers used in opening your website. And if your blog is opened up with that browser in which Alexa toolbar is installed, then your blog Alexa ranking will be  increasing automatically within a short period of time.

Get Alexa Toolbar

3. Implement Alexa Rank Widget:
This is one of the trick in increasing Alexa rank of you blog/website. By mere implementing Alexa rank widget on your site, visitors may simply click on the widget in order to find out more about your blog’s traffic stats. The idea there is, once anybody visits you website statistics of Alexa rank, it count and by that there will be an increment on your blog Alexa rank. Most bloggers because of the benefits now implement Alexa rank and that is not just for displaying authority and reputation but to enhance the Alexa traffic of that blog.

4. Writing Great quality content:
Make out time to write great quality content. As long as getting good quality traffic in any niche is concern, the very important aspect of achieving that is by writing great content that is not less than 500 words. Only that can skyrocket your traffic so high. Why writing quality content is regarded to as the most important in all is that, all search engine don’t play with quality contents and because your contents are of great quality when reviewed by any search engine, makes it possible to promote the blog or site in order to be ranked well in terms of traffic. Good articles promote your blog to be ranked higher in SERP.
As I said earlier above, Alexa rank deals with traffic coming to your blog/website, so the more the traffic arriving to your site, the chances of you getting better rank in Alexa website rank. Alexa also does its work in displaying to you the traffic your website is  getting from search engines that makes it to increase across the time.
5.Regular Post Writing:
Regular post or article writing does a lot in increasing your Alexa rank, So write and update regularly on your website so as to increase your Alexa ranking. It is always true that nobody likes or enjoy from blog that update on occasional basis. It makes your blog inactive. Although, everyone needs rich quality content on frequent base. All you need is to be creating and updating article of one to four at minimum everyday. With that as a newbie to blogging, your blog Alexa rank will quickly improve.
The More your Blog Posts = the More Search visibility of your blog/website = and of course More traffic =All from ↑ Alexa Ranking
6.Share your article on Social Media websites:
This is one out of others that goes a long way in effecting a better improvement to your blog Alexa ranking. When you share your post to social media you are bound to get in return good traffic. Blogs which receives much social shares gets good traffic out of it and that cause the blog Alexa rank to elevate higher than it was everyday. In Alexa rank site when you must have registered your blog/website with them, there is a section where you will get to see site linking, Alexa provides such to their subscribers whether free or premium. There you can see previous or presently exists pages that a particular URL (Uniform Resource Locator) is linking to. Now, you will see a number of social bookmarking which websites in all have been in that your blog/website. Some of the popular social bookmarking like that of scoop.it, StumbleUpon, Reddit, Plurk Delicious etc. The very reason why Alexa displays these websites within the top site linking, this is as a result of backlinks from the submitted social bookmarks. This is how useful that is to your site. So I expect your post share after publishing here on this blog for a stronger and effective backlinks for high quality of Alexa rank.
7.Commenting on Other Blogs:
Don’t just read and go when you get to other blogs that talks about same thing on niche with yours. Develop the habit if you don’t have it as a blogger or website owner. The reason because of that, is as you are commenting on other blogs, it is likely that those blogs will return to your own site and not just returning but will yield  traffic so as to say, returning same favor which you gave out first through the step you took. This is how it has been going with my blog and of a truth, it is highly improving my Alexa ranking day by day.
8.Submit your websites in Directories
Directories helps you to create popular inbound links for your websites. It is worthy of note that high quality back links plays a crucial role in improving the PR of a site and and as well boost the Alexa ranking. Implement by submitting your blog or website to directories like Dmoz, Yahoo etc
The yielded increase of your site’s Alexa ranking is usually as a result of the measured traffic on the website.Nice tracking, Traffic gotten from Alexa ranking toolbar is of great important when implemented for your site.
In between Alexa and SERP, there is no direct relationship, the relation only go via traffic.
There is no any direct relation between Alexa and SERP. The relation goes through traffic. Is your site highly visible on SERP’s results, if so then there should be more rise in your site traffic. Which implies that high visibility on SERP’s result, the great the traffic to your blog and it tends to increase your Alexa rank quickly. The more popular your blog is, higher the visitors traffic to the blog. Which in return improves your Alexa ranking.

What to note again, it is generally noted that the increase in Alexa ranking, the higher the strength of Google page rank is to your blog. This is found in most of the cases but not always as attained to be.

By now, I believe you must have been cleared on what Alexa ranking is all about and how effective it is to your niche. So if you found this update on “How to improve or increase Alexa ranking of your website” very useful, kindly use the comment box to tell us how greateful you are to come across such post.
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