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Browse With Airtel Network Weekend Plan That Goes With 1GB For N100, And Also 7GB for N70

Airtel Network has been the best when you talk of the plans they are introducing to customers, especially when you talk of their weekend plan that gives customers an affordable 1GB (1000MB) for just N100. Isn’t it good? of course it is.

Many people out there stopped using this airtel weekend plan thinking that Airtel network doesn’t offer that again, in case you are one of those, Airtel weekend plan is still blazing hot, it’s still working. So, you can still go back and check what am saying. But if you are new to the plan and want to partake in enjoying it, then read on to see how to subscribe for the plan.

 The airtel weekend data plan and price cap still remains unchanged (same). So if your area has a good network signal for airtel network, and you needed cheap and affordable data for the weekend, then you need not to hesitate in getting this 1Gb data.

The only issue I can tell you about this weekend plan is that, it’s sim selective, that is, it works on some selected airtel sim cards. To find out if your sim is eligible for this plan, just follow the outlined procedures below.

>>First, in order to do that, ensure you have airtime less than N100 (Just to check if you are eligible before you can load airtime of N100)
>> Next, dial this code *474*1# on your phone having airtel sim inserted on the device.
>>  You will get a message like the one below,
“You have insufficient balance to subscribe for this plan”
Once you get a message similar to the above, then know that your sim is eligible for the weekend plan. Now goto how to subscribe for airtel weekend plan below.

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How to Subscribe For The Airtel 1GB Weekend Plan 
>>Ensure you have at least N100 on your airtel sim.
>> Then dial this code *474*1# in order to subscribe.
>> After above, you will get a confirmation message telling you the subscription to airtel weekend plan was successful.

How to Check The Airtel Weekend Plan Balance 
To check your balance for that, simply dial this code *140#.

How to Get 7GB for N700 on Airtel Network

Airtel only allows weekend data plan to be gotten once per day just for use during weekend. What that implies is that, you can only get 1GB in a day. But the tricks behind it, is that you can always subscribe for the plan everyday and the validity date will keep extending.

How to Get The 7GB for N700 weekend plan On Airtel Line
Now, in order to get up to 7GB data for your weekend sufling, all you got to do is to keep subscribing for 1GB with N100 everyday and it will accumulate by weekend. That’s all for that.

With the 7GB data, you can stream videos and matches online if you want, also download large files in size, apps, songs, games etc So as long as you have the megabyte, you can always carryout all you chooses to do on internet.

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