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Best Free Software to Format Video 2019

Changing the video format is one of the many public needs of ours, but we may imagine that professional and costal film editing software is needed, but that is not the case. In fact, a lot of the best video format conversion software is completely free. We are going to introduce several video format conversion softwares. Read on.

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Why do we need to convert video format?

For some reason, you may need to change the video format. For example, you sometimes want to display a movie on a device with limited memory, so you need to reduce the video’s size by changing the format. Or you may want to change the video format to be easily shareable.

Best Video Format Change Software 2019

1- Any Video Converter Free

This software is one of the best programs available to convert video format. Well, this program is capable of changing both offline and online video formats. So with this program, you can switch the YouTube video format to a format that can be easily viewed on mobile and offline.

free video converter app

In addition to YouTube, you can change the videos on Facebook, Vimeo, etc., as well as on CDs and DVDs through the same program.
In addition to changing the format, you can do simple tasks like video picking, cropping, rotation, and more.
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2- Freemake Video Converter

Freemake is the best free software to change the format of the video, fast, flexible and simple. It’s very easy to use while being free, but it can only convert your videos from hard disk to your favorite format. So, to change the format of YouTube videos or other websites (online), you must first download them.

format videos free

The Freemake app also provides tools for video cropping, adding titles, converting video from DVDs, and more.

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Keep in mind that when you download and install this program, you will have the ability to convert the video format from YouTube, but after three days you will receive a gift pack that will eliminate these restrictions.
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3- Free HD Video Converter Factory

Start using this tool is very simple. Drag and drop it inside Drag & Drop to bring in an in-app video. Then you have to select the destination format and finally click on the Button.
Cutting, cropping and adding specialty items are all but with the tools you can get through this program.

free hd video converter

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4- HandBrake

This program is a powerful tool that can be used on all three operating systems, Windows, Mac and Linux. Of course, more than anyone else, Mac users will be familiar with this program. Anyway, if you’re a member of the users who work with different devices and operating systems, this app is exactly right for you.

Convert video to any format - hamdbrake
Convert video to any format – hamdbrake

The interface of this program is a bit complicated but professional and allows for accurate conversion of the video format. Among the functional features of this program, we can crop up, advanced filters, frame rate modification, video preparation, and more.
Earlier this year, we saw malware on the Mac version of the program, but now it’s completely safe to download.
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