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Short USSD Codes To Migrate To The Top Best Cheap Data And Unlimited Call Tariff Plans On MTN, Airtel, Etisalat And Glo Networks

Today, am going to be sharing to all fast and quick
Tariff plan migration codes for the four major active Telecommunication Networks
in Nigeria, which are MTN, AIrtel, GLO and Etisalat service providers. With the
activation codes for these various Network providers, you can easily join any
tariff plan or Data bundle of your choice, having the terms and conditions
applied. As the title of the post stated, they are actually the Top Best Tariff
plans currently active in 2017, as they offer you cheaper rate in making free
unlimited calls in kobo per second and also sending of SMS at a very low cost.

Interesting part of all the tariff plans am sharing with
you, from these major and most active networks in Nigeria, is that, they are
such that offers free call bonus and Data bonus frequent times, and also enable
customers using their Network, make both Local and International calls at a
very low cost rate. Although, they differ from each other, as every network has
its own service according to how it was programmed to function.

In as much as, Social media messaging chat apps with call
feature, (like Whatsapp Voice call, Facebook voice call, Telegram voice call,
Snapchats, Instagram, Twitter, Skype etc) are trying to take over voice call
and even video call now, these telecom calls from these various networks still
remain the best, no matter how social chat apps are trying to take over.

Top 2017 MTN  Airtel Glo Etisalat Tariff Plans with free Migration Codes

Without bugging you with much write up here, you should
know that interaction is very important in human life especially, when you have
friends, loved ones which can be your family members and that of your well-wishers
that you can always talk to. So, in other words, calling them when you are not around
makes them feel better, as if you are very close to where they are. And in
order to keep such caring and romantic thing you got with them moving, you need
to migrate to better tariff plan that will suit your prolong talk. So having
thought of that, I decided to dig deep in various telecom networks just to let
you know the most important tariff plan that would keep you talk for so long
when you recharge a lesser amount of airtime or credit on your mobile phone

Below are the various short USSD codes For MTN, AIRTEL,
GLO and Etisalat Tariff plans in Nigeria for the year 2017 and next coming year
2018.  For those that make use of data
bundle for browsing more than making voice calls, here is also your chance of
selecting the best tariff plan that suits the particular network you are
subscribing for its data bundle service.

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Best Cheap MTN Tariff Plans in 2017 – Unlimited Calls

BetaTalk Tariff Plan
>> Currently, BetaTalk is giving out 250% bonus of
airtime on every recharge you make. For more details on the call rate, SMS rate
and other valued services attached to the tariff plan click here.
>> For the code to migrate to MTN BetaTalk plan Dial
*123# > reply with 2 > and then 1
>> Or you can join the plan by sending BT to 131 as a text message.
Pulse Tariff Plan
 >> To
activate the tariff plan, dial on your phone this code: *406# or *406*1#
>> For more details on MTN Pulse local call rate
and international call rate with SMS price, click here.

Xtra Value Tariff Plan
>> To subscribe to the bundle plan, just dial *131*2# and select the preferred bundle
type, whether XtraTalk or XtraData.

XtraSpecial Postpaid
>> Activate this plan by dialing *123*2# > and then reply 3 to select Xtra Special plan. For more details about the plan click here.

StartPack Tariff Plan
>> MTN StartPack happens to be a bundle plan for
newly registered customers to MTN Network. It is regarded as a special tariff
plan to welcome New MTN customers that just joined the service. The plan offers
new users 500% bonus of EVERY recharge ranging from N100 and above.
>> Migration to this plan is done automatically by
MTN once you are done with activating your SIM via registration. Once you are
migrated, you will stand a chance to get other extra bonuses free.

>> This bundle plan is almost for the entire
prepaid and postpaid tariff plan, as it doubles any airtime recharge when use
this code *888*PIN# or via VTU to
recharge your line. All you need to do is to enter the card digit numbers or
recharge Pin where you saw PIN in
the code and then send with call button. Then MTN will double your recharge.

Packages, MTN Prestige,
MTN TrueTalk
migration codes, with
full details about the above listed tariff plans, and some other services like:
MTN Data Plans, MTN Goodybag Social, Blackberry from MTN, MTN Data Settings, 4G
LTE etc. Then visit MTN website at
www.mtnonline.com and
check them out.
All Airtel Tariff plan migration codes


smartCONNECT Plan
This Airtel smartCONNECT prepaid plan, is a default bonus
plan meant for newly registered Customers on Airtel network. A new customer
gets bonus offers on every recharge just like StartPack.

To Be Eligible For Airtel Smartconnect Tariff Plan
>> Get yourself a new Airtel SIM Card
>> Proceed to any Airtel KYC registration point and
register the SIM
>> Now insert the SIM in your smart mobile phone
>> Finally, recharge your line and start enjoying
free smartCONNECT bonuses.
smartPREMIER Tariff Plan
>> To join this plan, simply dial this code; *318# or
>> Go to your message box and send “YES” to 318.

smartVALUE Tariff Plan
>> To migrate to Airtel smartVALUE plan for free of
charge, dial this short USSD code *314#.

Premier Connect
>> Airtel Premier Connect subscription can be
subscribed for through SMS, USSD codes or USSD Menu.  Subscribing through Menu Dial *254# and then follow the menu display
to select desired bundle value.
>>To check Airtel Premier Connect available bundle value, just dial *253#.

smartTALK 2.0 Tariff Plan
>> To migrate to this plan, simply dial this code; *315#.

smartTRYBE Tariff Plan
>> Migrate to smartTRYBE by dialing *312#.

smartTRYBE Junior
>> To Opt in to SmartTRYBE Junio plan,  simply dial this code *317#  on your phone having
your Airtel line already inserted.

For more details on Airtel network tariff plans about
their call and SMS rate for both local and international roaming, just check on
official Airtel website at

All Glo Tariff plan migration codes


Bounce Tariff Plan
>> To start enjoying Glo Bounce services from Glo
Network, then dial this code *170*4#
to activate the plan for free.

 Glo Talk Special and Twin Bash Plan
>> Here you need to dial *303# and choose the bundle plan you want.
>> To check Talk Special bonus balance on your SIM,
dial *606#.
>> You can also transfer Gift data by dialing *606# and then follow prompt to
transfer data to other Glo customers.
>> Also, for the New Glo Twin Bash Package, you can
recharge with this code *223*PIN# or
this *303# for the bundle package. 

 Glo Generation G Prepaid Plan
>> Activate by dialing *170*5#.

 Glo Infinito Tariff Plan
>> To migrate, just dial

 Glo BUMPA Plan
>> You can migrate to Glo Bumpa plan by dialing
this *100*10*1#

G-BAM Tariff Plan
>> To migrate to G-Bam, simply dial *100*5*1#

For Glo
11k/s Prepaid Plan
>> Join and enjoy amazing offer from this plan,
dial *211# to activate.
Free Tomorrow Plan
>> Glo Free Tomorrow actually gives you back DOUBLE
of your today usage the next day. So in other words, whatever you use today in
Glo Free Tomorrow plan, you get it DOUBLE back FREE TOMORROW without any
conditions attached.
>> Now dial this code *300# on your phone to get back Double of your daily usage, the next day.

Jollific8 Tariff Plan
To deactivate or cancel or even disable with unsubscribe
from any of the tariff plan, then read on to carry out that successfully.
For more details on the above listed GLO tariff plans
concerning their Call rate, sms rate and free bonuses, with other enjoyable
services like; DATA, 4G LTE Data Plans, Data Sharing, 3G Data Plans, Data
Gifting, Glo CAMPUS Data BOOSTER, Glo WiFi, Glo HSI Portal, BlackBerry Plans
and Glo Mega Deals/Offers. Just visit official Glo website at www.gloworld.com

All Etisalat Tariff plan migration codes


Tariff Plan
>> The subscription of Easystarter is very straight
forwardnas well as other tariff plans in Etisalat network.
>> To migrate to Easystarter Tariff Plan, just dial 200 and press 1 on a new etisalat sim or from an existing line by dialing *244*2#.

Easycliq Tariff Plan
>> To subscribe for easycliq right from a new SIM,
then dial , dial 200 and press 2 or you dial this *244*1#.
>> For subscription to one click-one tune, then
dial this *273*Your friend’s number#.
 >> To
migrate to cliq-4-d-day on your etisalat line, simply dial *330*1#. To opt out from the service, dial *330*2#.

Easylife Tariff Plan
>> Code to migrate to is *620*1# or send 1 to 620 to migrate to easylife complete. The
migration is free of charge.

Easyflex Tariff Plan
>> Dial this *344*bundle
replacing bundle value to exact bundle you want.
>> You can get the easyflex bundle plan from the
official Etisalat website below.
>> To opt out from easyflex bundle plans, dial *344*0# or you can Send “OFF” to “344″
>> To check your easyflex balance, dial *232#

Talkzone Tariff Plan
>> To activate talkzone tariff on your Etisalat SIM,
dial *244*8#.
>> To check the appropriate tariff for the area you
are calling, simply dial *551#.

Cliqlite Tariff Plan
>> If you are a new customer or you just registered
your Etisalat SIM newly, then to migrate to Cliqlite Tariff Plan, dial 200 and select option 5.
>> For old customers or existing customers, dial *244*10#.

 prepaid deals

For more details on Etisalat Tariff plans concerning
their Call rates, SMS rates, Free browsing bonuses, Data plans etc visit
Etisalat official Nigeria website at etisalat.com.ng
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