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Ntel 4G LTE Internet APN Configuration Settings

Ntel network, one of the fastest network in Africa, is now in Nigeria for real. Rush now and get the the Ntel sim card for your cheapest call tariff and cheapest data plans as well as free browsing. Already, some must have gotten their own sim but still hoping for the internet APN settings, just like the way it were on other networks like on Glo, MTN, 9mobile, and Airtel APN configurations.

This article will guide you on how to configure your mobile devices such as Android, BlackBerry, Mifi or Modem etc with Ntel APN settings for internet browsing. But there are some requirements expected from the device you wish to configured with Ntel settings. Although, your phone or device must be such that has a 4G LTE technology. Below are the requirements

Requirements For Ntel Network Configurations

1. Your device has to be such that comes with Flexible Division Duplex (FDD) with an embedded LTE 3 (1800MHz), also with spectrum bands of (900MHz). You can get to know whether your device has this specs or not,  through the product packaging or from documentation which comes with the device when you bought it new Or you can check online using Google search.

Ntel 4G LTE Internet APN Configuration Settings

2. Switch on your phone’s 4G service, to do that, go to phone settings > Mobile Networks >> Choose 4G as your only preferred network mode.

3. Next, is to configure your (APN) settings by going to your phone settings >> More >> Mobile Networks >> Access Point Names >> click on Menu, then you will see “New APN” click it and then enter the below configurations:

Note: This settings for some device, will absolutely depend on the brand of the phone you are using. So because of that, the settings may vary at the point of APN section settings. Just use your initiative to configure the mobile phone using below apn internet browsing settings. From below, you can follow the internet configuration option that suits you well.

Ntel Network 4G LTE APN Configuration for browsing internet

Ntel 4G Internet APN configuration Setup

  • Name: Ntel 4G
  • APN: ntel
  • username: ntel
  • password: ntel

Click SAVE the settings as the default network settings for all browsers and leave every other Fields blank. After that, switch ON your device’s Data and connect to the net. Test the settings by Browsing anything via your chrome browser or other browsers. So should in case the setup couldn’t connect or browse, then go for option two settings below.

Second option for Ntel 4G Internet APN configuration:

  • Name: Ntel 4G
  • APN: ntel
  • username: (leave it blank)
  • password: (leave it blank)

SAVE and start browsing with Ntel 4G Network. Should incase none worked for you, just use the comment box below and we will guide you again on how to go about it.

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