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Are you ready for Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

Black Friday and Cyber Monday have gone online. Internet-connected devices have become buyers’ trusted shopping tools, and during the Black Friday season, Internet shopping searches reach new levels. But considering the pandemic the planet is facing, will this year’s Black Friday register the same success? 

With job losses and the risk of getting infected growing daily, Black Friday is the last thing many people have on their minds. But despite the given scenario, the sales season will be here before we know it and promises to bring discounts that fit the present needs. 

With many stores filing for bankruptcy and others closing their brick-and-mortar locations during Black Friday and Cyber Monday to reduce the risk of getting their employees sick, we expect the discount season to run mainly online in 2020. 

Some brands like Amazon plan to have their sales events in October to have the exclusivity. Home Depot and Walmart have also announced that they will have their discounts earlier this year. Why? Maybe because brands have figured that we live in a year when time moves differently, and people no longer have the patience to wait until the end of November to grab a new smartphone or TV. 

So if you want to purchase some new things this discount season, you should start putting some money aside because merchants promise to come with offers no one can refuse. Planning and preparation are essential to have a successful shopping season. Here is what you should do this year to scoop the best deals

Don’t limit your options

For Black Friday, everyone is accustomed to waking at 5 in the morning and get in line in front of their favorite store. This year, most stores close their doors for Black Friday because they want to protect their employees and clients from getting infected with COVID-19, so there are no lines to join. 

Instead, you can get up early to make sure you add to your cart a new TV before it gets out of stock. Arm yourself with a cup of coffee and plenty of patience because the websites will probably crash a couple of times with the high number of visitors they expect to register. 

One misconception about the shopping month is that you should go in-store to get the products you want, but the present conditions prove that you can take advantage of the best deals from the comfort of your couch. 

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7 in 10 buyers plan on shopping in-store on a regular sales season, but this November, they should add to their favorite list the items they want to purchase because there will be no open stores to welcome them. 

Don’t buy full price

This year, the retail world faces unique challenges, with fewer customers willing to buy products at their full price. People have no spare money to splurge, so they take advantage of the discount season to buy Christmas presents for their loved ones. This year is about making the most of the resources they get, and retailers are aware that their services must meet the market’s request. 

Sellers are willing to extend their promotions and discounts and allow people to pay for the products in installments or use credit cards. 

There are various ways to save this season. There’s no reason to pay the full price with so many offers on the market, from Black Friday sales to promo codes, shipping codes, cashback offers, and coupon codes.  


Black Friday is November 27, but many stores will start their deals in late October, as they already announced. Also, as the pandemic keeps people away from brick and mortar stores, more brands will focus their offers on the web stores. 

With all brands bombarding the Internet with offers, it’s challenging to determine the best deal. Or at least it’s difficult to do it on November 27. But you can get the best price if you do your homework and get through Black Friday and Cyber Monday offers in advance to compare promotions and discounts. Online platforms have lists of shopping deals and allow you to compare ads. 

It may sound complicated, but it’s not. If you already have a list of things you want to purchase, you can research online to identify the stores selling them and scout for the lowest prices. Add the products to your Wish list and track the quotes every week to identify any fluctuation.

Use social media to your advantage

Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are gold mines during the shopping season because they provide you with access to exclusive information. Brands nowadays use their social media pages to engage with their public and gift their followers with their best offers. Over the years, weeks before Black Friday, brands run social media campaigns to promote products on sale and offer additional discounts to their loyal customers. Some coupons can get you even 30% off the full price of a product or service you want to buy. 

Follow your favorite brands on social media, and check their posts daily to get the most rewarding offers. 

Shop after the sale days

Every year, fewer people plan to shop on Black Friday and Cyber Monday because they are afraid of the so-called steals. Brands boost their prices months before the sales season and pretend they offer discounts at the end of November, but they actually sell products at their full costs. So savvy shoppers prefer to wait the week after Black Friday and get better deals from stores that don’t manage to reach their sales goals in November. Some customers even wait for the end of December to scout for deals because no one spends money on shopping after the holidays or in January. 

Financial advisers recommend waiting until the beginning of the new year to purchase furniture, fitness equipment, jewelry, or holiday packages. 

Black Friday will be exclusively online in 2020. Are you ready to scroll through the millions of offers freshly baked for you?