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How to Download Instagram Videos

The issue of downloading Instagram video has been a major challenge to most Instagram user, it comes a time when you will come across a video which you may like and want to download or save to your device both such technology is not implemented on Instagram and that can get you frustrated as you do not have any to download your cherished video via Instagram.

Both the essence of this tutorial is just to guide you on the method you will implement to download Instagram videos to your various devices like your PC, Android and IOS Smartphones.

How To Download Instagram videos on PC

There are different methods on how you can download an Instagram videos to your PC but do not bother about the steps because we will guide you on the step to step procedure for this to be actualized.

Downloading Instagram Videos to Your PC Via source code

You may inspect the source code to any video of your choice on the Instagram web page and copy the link and access it directing via visiting the copied link. Below is how you can do just that.

1. Firstly Open the video on the Instagram page that you want to download.
2. Follow by Right-clicking on it and then by selecting Inspect element, It all depends on your browser as different browser may present you with different name just like View page source.
Download Instagram videos on PC3. Now proceed by  pressing CTRL+F keys to open Find option and type “.mp4” in it.
4. In the search option section of the code, copy the link closer to src=(remember the link ends with .mp4)
inspect the source code pc5. Continue by pasting the link to a fresh tab and the video will start playing with immediate effect. You may also want download the video and can be done by simply right-clicking on the video and select save video as to download your favorite video

Save video as on instagramMake Use of an online service to download video to your PC Via Instagram

Apart from the first method to download Instagram video to PC or mobile phone, you can also do that with the help of online tool video Downloader Below is how to use the tool.

1.   Simply open the video you want download from Instagram and copy its URL.
2.   Proceed by opening the video downloader tool above and paste the URL into the text field.
3.   Below the tool then click on Download MP4 to convert and download the video to acceptable format. Note there is other option on the download stage in the tool like MP3 (Audio of the video only) and also the photo.

Download MP4 on instagram

How To Download Instagram videos on Android Phones

On Android device you do not necessarily need to undertake the various steps we took download Instagram video to our PC as video are automatically downloaded to your device as soon as you view them, all you have to do is to look for the specific location where the video was saved but there is also alternative means by which you can also download Instagram video to your android smartphone and that is done with help of a third-party app follow along as we check the various methods involved.

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Getting Instagram videos from app cache

In order to get this done you are mandated to watch the whole video that you want to download first as what you watch, that is what would be downloaded. You need to watch the whole video to the last duration (one particular Video), so as to download everything.

After you might have watched the video as instructed next is to open your phone’s File manager and go to Android > data > com.instagram.android > cache > videos. from this location, you will get to see all the videos you have viewed before, and definitely you will see them have .clean extension. Now click
on them and choose the video option provided in order to play them.

Recommended: For some smartphones without a built-in file
manager, you have no issue with that, just what you need is a third party file manager, and you can get one that is called ASUS File Manager from Google play store.
Instagram videos from app cache

For better accessibility just convert audio and video format, what you need do is just to rename them and change .clean extension to .mp4.

download-instagram-videos MP4Note: Be reminded that the videos are saved as cache on your device and whenever you clear cache all the data will be lost but if you want to retain the video then you have to change the location to another.

Using a third-party app to Download Instagram Videos

Let now see how you can use a third-party app called Video Downloader for Instagram to achieve the same aim as related to the first method. Just follow the below steps.

1.   Open the required video for download on your Instagram app and tap on the top-right corner i.e. the three vertical dots.
2.   Proceed by tapping on the Copy link.
3.   Next, open up the Video Downloader for Instagram and proceed by tapping the Paste button. After that the video will be downloaded automatically and saved in the phone gallery.third-party app to download-instagram-videos free

How to Download Instagram videos on iOS (iPhones, iPads, iPods etc.)

This feature is most likely to be limited to IOS but there an app called Regrammer and is completely free of charge and it will help you download any video from Instagram to your IOS device same procedure applies to Video Downloader for Instagram.

Simply copy the video’s URL from Instagram and paste it in the Regrammer app. Then proceed by tapping on Preview to open and download it. The video will be automatically saved in the camera roll and you’ll see options to repost it.
download any video from Instagram to your iOS device.

in summary: you can see that it is very much easier to download Instagram videos using a third-party, as all you need to do is to copy and paste the link to download the video you want from Instagram. You can as well go by the manual method that work very well Android phones, when you want to download videos from your profile history of viewed videos. Upcoming is how you can upload Photos to instagram Profile through its Mobile Web Page.

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