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Instagram Introduced horizontal feed

Last night, there were a lot of reports from users that revealed a sudden change in Instagram feeds. It seems that for only a few minutes, the Instagram feeds up horizontally, which surprised and, of course, criticized the users. 

Instagram seems to be launching a horizontal feed test in silent news. Of course, in October Instagram tested the same situation for Explore. Anyway, this sudden change may not have been a pleasure for users to get used to, and, of course, Instagram quickly brought it to the fore.

How is the horizontal feed of the Instagram?

In the horizontal feeds of the postings of people who have floated, they are displayed horizontally and you can see them by going to the left and right. In a new design, just like a photo album on the phone, you can only see a post at a moment. You can view the comments on the same post page by scrolling down the page.
This design prevents us from losing many posts by swiping the page down and scrolling fast.

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If you look at the image, you will see that there is a line above the page that moves to the next post. In other words, this state can be likened to a great story of all posts.
Another issue in the design of horizontal feeds goes back to theories. It seems that in the horizontal feed of Instagram you do not need to go to the top of the screen to see the stories, but just slide your finger up and down once.

instagram horizontal feed

Horizontal feed of the Instagram

Instagram managers respond to this change of appearance
After widespread horizontal feeds and negative user feedback , Instagram’s current CEO Adam Mossary explained on Twitter that limited- scale horizontal feeds were only available to a number of users, but for reasons that are not known to be widely reported. Is.
Interestingly, a Facebook spokeswoman has denied this claim and explained that some users saw a horizontal feed on the Instagram due to a bug. He went on to apologize, explaining that he had resolved the bug and that the feed had returned to normal.

Anyway, even if the feeds are made available to users by mistake, we can certainly say that Instagram is working on it, and maybe we’ll soon be getting used to this kind of feed.

What will happen to the Instagram feedbacks?

An Instagram feed change can make changes to the behavior of users of this popular social network. For example, by filming the feed, make sure every post has more time to visit. So, let’s not go through a lot of posts. This feature seems to be a great option for the Instagram commercial pages that seek to sell or engage in an audience. Of course, this issue will make the user’s time to use the Instagram to be longer.