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How OKRs Help Companies

OKRs help companies and organizations of all types remain aligned in their goals by connecting members of the team in order to achieve measurable results.

This popular and useful method of goal setting is defined by two crucial questions. Those questions include:

  • Where do I want to go?
  • How will I get there?

Beyond that, OKR depends on four specific goal setting methodologies. See this blog.

  • Ambitious: objectives are set by looking at what appears to be just beyond what is possible
  • Measurable: key results are directly tied to tangible achievements and milestones
  • Transparent: OKRs are noticeable across the entire organization from the CEO down to the interns of the company.
  • Performance: OKRs are not tied to employee performance evaluations by team performance

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How do OKRs help companies?

There are many different ways that should be really useful when it comes to helping you decide whether or not you want to utilize OKRs. Let’s break down the ways in which OKRs help together.

They keep companies aligned

OKRs act as a valuable management framework because they connect individual employee and team performance back to the shared goals of the company. That way, management can keep tabs on how everyone is moving in the same direction.

Focus on what really matters

The ORK model recommends that businesses make between three and five goals for each level of an organization. This encourages companies and employees to put the priority on the objectives that will have the most tangible and largest impact on the company itself.

Improve transparency

OKRs allow a company to have a transparent culture so that everyone on board can remain informed on how each member of the team is planning to make a major impact.

Empower employees

The increased visibility that OKRs offer organizations give people all of the information that they need in order to make the best decision and shows employees the true impact of their work from start to finish.

Valuable measuring stick

OKRs offer crucial insight into how far along individual employees, collectives and the company overall are in the process of accomplishing their shared goals and missions. It not only helps encourage people to continue working, but also offers insight into how far the group has come along in accomplishing the company mission.

Accomplish more than you ever thought possible

Quite simply, OKRs are meant to be stretched just beyond the limit of what people think is possible for a given company. This means that your company can go even further in accomplishing your goals that everyone previously thought company.

What will your OKR look like?

Company, team and individual goals are connected thanks to measurable results to top-level company objectives. The objective for each level is informed by the OKR itself in several ways:

  • Company OKRs are high-level focus for the entire company
  • Department and team OKRs define priorities for the group not just for a collection of individuals
  • Individual OKRs define exactly what a person is working on at all times

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