Expect Smartphones with 108MP and 10x Optical Zoom Cameras By 2020


Earlier, smartphones were finally up for sale with 8-megapixel cameras, but over time, the custom changed and saw more megapixels on smartphone cameras. These changes have reached the point where today's existence of a camera and even 48-megapixel lenses on some phones is not strange (now the question is how important the megapixel is in the camera ), so...

Amazfit GTR Smart Watch Unveiled With Powerful Features


While only four weeks after the smart wristband was released, just as we had expected, Humi, one of Xiaomi's subsets, unveiled the Amazfit GTR smartwatch. Below is what you need to know about the smartwatch. Amazfit GTR smart watch The display The Amazfit GTR smartwatch, designed in two sizes of 42 and 47mm, uses a circular OLED display that is similar to...

Price of Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Smartphone

As the Galaxy Note 10 delivers the next flagship of Samsung, the rumors about the smartphone are even greater. Now a new rumor has been released about the price of the handset, which looks a bit strange, because if the rumor is true, the Galaxy Note 10 will be much more expensive than the Galaxy Note 9. Extremely high price...

Tech news on Huawei Hong Meng OS Faster than Android


If you're using Huawei smartphonesHuawei smartphones, be sure to follow up on various news about US sanctions against China and Huawei. Indeed, following a US boycott, Google has troubled Google's Huawei products and even said that Huawei's future handsets might not be able to access Android OS and Google services. At that time, it was a big rumor that Huawei...

Should you buy Galaxy S10 Plus or Huawei P30 Pro Smartphone? – Find Out

If you plan to buy a 2019 flagship gadget, the two mobile phones Galaxy S10 Plus and Huawei P30 Pro smartphones are definitely one of your options, two powerful phones from two rival brands at a fairly similar price

How Accurate are Sleep Trackers and Detectors: Does it Improve sleep quality or Not?


Smart watches and health trackers that keep track of sleep have found a special place among the general public these days. Many people use these wearable smart gadgets to check the health status, sleep status, and so on. The question now is whether sleep trackers have a positive effect on the quality of sleep of their users, or vice...

Best Mobile Games 2019 (Android, iOS)


Best mobile games free download for Android and iOS (iphone, iPad devices), comprising multiplayer, Action, war console, sega, Video, arcade, puzzle trailer etc.

Official Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus renders leak

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 plus got rendered specs leak displaying a colorful gradient graphics paint mixture

Best Weather Apps for iPhone 2019


What is the best weather app for iphone? This happens to be the search query for anyone trying to find out the best ever used weather iOS application, that is readily available in Apple App Store for downloading. If you happen to be in this set of category, then this handy guide or app list will see you through....