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SandBox virtual machine: How To install SandBox on Windows 10 for Testing Applications

Soon, we’ve seen a news story that added the InPrivate Desktop feature to Windows 10. Microsoft has been testing the function since December 19, with the name of Madrid. Now Microsoft has finally released the Windows 10 trial version of the 19H1, one of the most important features of the SandBox version, which seems to be the same as InPrivate Desktop. 

What is the Windows 10 SandBox feature?

The SandBox feature is essentially an environment where you can safely test programs that you suspect is viral. In other words, we can call SandBox the embedded virtual machine in Windows that does not have any effect on the original Windows. Interestingly, every time SandBox closes, all programs, along with all their files, will be permanently deleted from the system. Of course, do not forget to login to Windows 10 to use this feature.

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Features and Benefits of SandBox

Prior to the feature in Windows 10, many users might have been using the Vmware software , which has a virtual machine and the ability to install the operating system on it. The programs installed on this virtual machine do not affect the original Windows system. SandBox now has the same thing for users, while it also has other benefits that we can point out among the features and benefits of SandBox:

SandBox virtual machine in windows 10

Part of the Windows itself: unlike other virtual machines, SandBox is built into the Windows 10 Pocket and Interprise itself, and there’s no need to download a virtual machine.

Clean each run: Every time SandBox runs, all programs and files are erased. In fact, each time you have a totally clean and fresh SandBox.

Security: Microsoft has used hardware-based virtualization to isolate the kernel. Therefore, executing programs on SandBox will have nothing to do with the original Windows 10.

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How to install SandBox?

To install SandBox on Windows, just follow these steps:

  • Enter the Windows Setting section .
  • Go to Apps> Apps & Features> Programs and Features> Turn Windows Features on or off.
  • In this section, select Enable Windows Sandbox .
  • After completing these steps, just go to Start menu, enter the word for Windows SandBox and select it.
SandBox - Windows 10 settings

How to use sandbox?

After executing the Sandbox program, just copy the executable file you are suspicious into and navigate to the Sandbox. Now run or install the file on the sandbox. Now run it to the normal routine.

When the implementation test is over, close the Sandbox app to permanently delete all of its content.

Prerequisites for using this feature

To be able to use the SandBox application on Windows, you need these prerequisites:

  • Windows 10 Pro or Interprise Bulletin 18305 or higher
  • AMD64 architecture
  • Enable virtualization capabilities in Bios
  • At least 4GB of RAM (preferably, you’d better have 8GB of RAM)
  • At least 1 gigabyte of free memory (preferably SSD)
  • At least 2 cores (preferably Hyperthreading 4 cores )
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