Game of the Year: Google’s Interactive Game to understand the most popular Search Phrases in 2018

The office of 2018 is closing and remains only days before the end of this year. This year, like all other years, we have witnessed important things in the world that have made many people in the world looking for information and finding out about it in the internet world and most of all in Google’s search.

That’s what Google has created as an interactive game to see how much you know about the 2018 events that happened in the last 340 days.

The Game of the year game contains 20 multiple questions about the most commonly used phrases in 2018, and the game gets even harder as you go.

Interestingly, the game has a smart player who reads questions and answers for you. This smart voice assistant is made by WaveNet, Google’s cloud service, and a machine learning system for text-to-speech transmissions that allow users to adjust the voice speed and voice of the audio assistant to their liking before the game starts.

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To play Game of the year Google you can visit this link.
Ref: Google

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