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How Technology Advances, So Does The translation Industry With it?

Technology is what is driving the world today. The effects of technology can be observed in every field of this world, from the kitchen to the garage, everything has been affected by technology. Every day, newer and better solutions are being introduced in every sector due to the continuous technological advancements. Robots, autonomous cars, smartphones, high performance laptops are just a few outcomes of technological advancements. Technology has entered our world to provide improved and innovative solutions to our problems. Education, banking, gaming, businesses and even the services’ sector has been improved with the help of technology.


The Translation Industry and Technology:

The translation services, today are in great demand, especially international translation companies. Eight out of ten individual or businesses are looking for translation service providers. As these services are in great demand, it does not come as a surprise that the translation sector has technologically evolved over the past years and is still evolving and getting better. The technological advancements and solutions are beneficial not only for the customers but also for the companies providing translation services to the people of the world. 

Here are some great technological innovations that have been launched in the translation industry and making lives of people easier and full of convenience. 

1. Computer-Assisted Translation Tools:

The computer-assisted translation tools are popularly known as the CAT tools. These tools have benefited the translation industry significantly. The primary purpose of this tool is to make the process of translation faster by making it easier for the translators and translation companies to track their work. The benefit of using this tool is that it helps in maintaining the consistency, helps in retaining the formatting of the documents. CAT tools are also referred to as the translation memories as with these tools a translator can see how he translated a similar document. Helps in making translation projects faster and cost-effective. This is not difficult to use, if one knows how to use a word processor, working with CAT tool will not be tough. 

2. Digital Dictionaries and Term Bases:

Dictionaries have always been considered as life savers and in the era of digitization, using the dictionaries has become so much easier. Term bases and digital dictionaries help the translator find accurate and suitable words for their work. They just have to enter the word and choose the language and they are good to go. Live was never this easy as it is now because of technology. Term base is like a dictionary but it has so many features that makes them better than the dictionaries. Term base has words and phrases in it with linguistic knowledge and meaning in it. It is a very helpful tool and digitization has significantly helped translators and translation companies by making translation process a faster process. 

3. Translation Management Software:

Another technological innovation is the translation management software. This has come to the translation industry as a blessing. It has made management of translation work and services so easy. These are programs that help in handling the complex translation tasks. The main features of translation management software include; with the help of this, the processes can be automated, managing the documents becomes easier, communication between different translators is facilitated with TMS and creates a database which consists of all the phrases that have been previously translated which helps in maintaining consistency.

4. The Internet:

The internet is the best and the most amazing technological blessings for the human kind. Internet has made our lives so easy and it has helped all sectors of the world. With internet, communication among people living far away has become possible. All major translation agencies are available online and no matter where you live, with the help of internet, you can get translation services. This is an amazing piece of technology not only for the translation companies as it makes running a business easier but it is also beneficial for the people looking for translation services. A translation company can hire translators from all around the world without the need of providing accommodation. Internet has significantly helped in improving the translation industry. 

5. Machine Translation:

The translation providers are needed in high demand today but not all translation tasks are of the level that a professional translator has to be hired for it. For simple translation for students and offices, many translation software have been launched such as Google Translate. Software and applications like Google translate make simple translations easier and faster. No need to look for translations in books or even on the internet. You just have to get any of these applications on your smart gadgets and you are good to go. 

Technology can be seen in every sector today but the translation industry is an industry that has benefited significantly in this era. Not only have the translation companies benefited from the technological advancements but even the customers have enjoyed the advantages. Technology has made management of translation businesses easier and it has also helped the companies provide cost-effective solutions to their clients. Technology has, without doubts, served the translation industry well.