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Top Tech You Can Buy When You Win The Lotto

As we all know the very best tech usually costs top dollar, pricing many of us out of owning some of the finest tech kit and gadgets in the world. However, what about if you were to play Megamillions lottery and wind up hitting the jackpot, or even just winning big, what would that mean for your tech ambitions? We have been down this rabbit hole one or two times in our minds of late, and we have put together a list of some of the best tech which you can equip your home with, should you one day win big. 


Virtu Signature Cobra – $360,000 
Landlines may be dying out but that is no reason why you can’t equip your home with a decadent phone that will provide a talking point for all that visit. That is why the Virtu Sig-nature Cobra makes for the perfect choice, a phone so ridiculously ostentatious that upon paying for it, the phone is delivered to you via helicopter. The phone features a snake fig-ure wrapped around it, and consists of emerald snake eyes and over 430 rubies. 

Diamond Braided HDMI – $1,100
A spend of just over $1,000 may not seem too much now that you are rich beyond your wildest dreams, but when you consider what you get for your money, it is unquestionably a luxury purchase. The AudioQuest HDMI cable uses diamond threading which is weaved through the cable, to ensure maximum strength and flexibility. Completely unnecessary, ridiculously expensive and perfect for just about any tech-loving lotto winner. 

Samsung Class 105S9 Curved 4K TV – $149,999,99
Samsung pretty much lead the way in TV tech and they will be the company of choice for you when you decide to deck out the new mansion with a TV. The 105 S9 Curved 4K is a TV which will change the way that you watch television forever. The curved display creates an immersive experience and the obscene 105 inch display means that it will create a real counterpoint for your room. Whether gaming or watching Netflix, there is no going back once you have used this Samsung beast. 

Bang & Olufsen BeoLab Speaker – $77,800
Now that you have the phone, the TV and the ridiculous HDMI cable, it is time to add some sound quality to your home, look no further than this offering from Bang & Olufsen. The BeoLab speaker is loaded with 18 speakers in side, all of which are considered state of the art, not to mention a design which looks straight from the future. The company consider this to be the most perfect speaker that they have ever created, perfectly blending their sound and aesthetic dreams. What’s more, with a cool price tag of just under $80,000, you can probably afford to put one in each room of the home! 

What would you buy first if you were to hit the jackpot?