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How to download Minecraft for free?

Want to download minecraft in your PC? Do you want to download minecraft for free? Well, if you are confused about the fact, we got some good news for you. Yes, there is a possibility to download minecraft in your PC for absolutely free. Do follow the procedure and steps being provided and enjoy the game.

 Minecraft is a very popular and trending sandbox game across the world. It is one of the most searched game in most of the countries. Although it is a very demanding game, the sad part is you cannot download and access the game for free. But there is always a key for every lock. We have picked out the most easy way to help you download minecraft for free in your PC.

You can access the full version of the game which is a paid one. You just need to pay some amount to access the full version and play the game. But if want to enjoy the game without paying any amount for the full version, you can still get hands on the demo version of the game. Do read the article properly and follow the steps to know how to download minecraft in your PC for free.

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How to download minecraft for free?
Minecraft is a very entertaining adventure game and offers a wide range of activities to the user. It is an open world addictive game where you can roam free and mine and build blocks. The game provides unique gaming experience to different gamers. Minecraft is a very customizable game where you can roam around the virtual world, build unique and different 3D blocks.

A lot of gamers have acquainted that they have downloaded the Minecraft game for absolute free. May be some of them are right but we don’t know the exact truth yet. Do follow the guide and the steps properly we are going to discuss.

  • Open your favorite browser and visit the official site of Minecraft which is minecraft.net.
  • Select the url and change it to https://minecraft.net/en-us/download. After its done, visit the page.
  • Browse through the page and look for the download option, you will find java version of the game designed especially for windows. Click the download button and wait for the game to start downloading.
  • Install the file in your PC after the downloading is being completed. That’s it, you are ready to go.
  • Now play and enjoy minecraft in your PC. Have fun!

Or you can download minecraft unblocked version to download it for free. 

You can’t access and play minecraft without a valid account

You might be very happy after downloading the game and getting ready to play it. But sadly there is still a long way to go. You will not be able to access the game without having a valid user account. For creating an account, you need to register via Mojang website after providing a valid email for confirmation. You must provide a unique username and password and it will be used in future throughout the game. Do remember that you can’t access the game if your email id and password does not match the ones provided during registration.

Final words
We have tried our best to discuss the download process and steps included in details through this article. We hope you will find it easy to download the game in your PC. Moreover you need to remember that you must have a proper valid account before accessing the game. Do let us know how this method worked for you and also share your experiences with the game. We look forward to see you again. Till then keep mining!