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11 PC Games You Can Play Forever

In this era of streaming games and new technologies, the classic life-cycle model of computer games seems outdated. Choosing a top game, completing a couple of levels and finishing it is no longer interesting at all. This chain is being replaced by the game-service concept, where the user continues to play the same game, periodically receiving new content for it.

Almost all free-to-play games are now designed to be almost endless. This is usually achieved through a level system. It takes months to gain 1% experience for the next level. The game should be addictive so that gamers won’t be able to stop.

How do we make the game so that users have a fun experience to play and do not stop playing after the first encounter? Gametop has made a selection of game tops that can be played forever. It is unrealistic to collect all such projects in one list, so we paid attention to the brightest representatives of certain game genres, which differ in replay ability or fundamentally have no finals.


The gaming tops are topped by games where you should play alone. Players around the world grow virtual plants, breed animals, build their own individual farms on a daily basis and are not going to stop there. Every farm game is never-ending. It can be played for years on end. A long break will not hurt the gameplay. You can forget about the farm for a few months and go in at any time. The entire gameplay process will be saved. You will not have to start the game all over again.

Fishdom 3

Download a free casual game in the genre of «three in a row», suitable for those who want to relax in the virtual world, enjoy the views.  You will feed the fish, play with them and watch them interact with each other. The aim of the game is to decorate your aquarium, to do this you need to get dozens of rewards, achievements, earn money. The downloadable game includes more than 150 underwater decoration items to choose from, as well as many accessories in unique styles.

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Dirt Rally Driver HD

Free offline game for fans of racing simulations with a wide range of vehicles and tracks of all kinds. You will be behind the wheel of more than 20 different rally cars and take part in more than 100 different races, held all over the world: Italy, Egypt, Russia and dozens of other countries. It is a fascinating game that is part of a game top and has excellent graphics. With an assortment of race tracks, events and cars waiting to be unlocked, you are guaranteed hours of entertainment.

Pizza Chef 2

An addictive game that combines three in a row, tetris and time management to become the chef of a new pizzeria. In the game you have to show supreme skill in cooking not only pizza and other delicacies to satisfy the demanding tastes of customers who do not like to wait long. The game can be played indefinitely, completing tasks over and over again.


Bowling is a sport and recreational game where there are no specific skill or fitness requirements for the players. It is these criteria that have made the game popular all over the world. The aim of the game is to knock down the pins placed at the end of the track with the fewest number of balls. By playing a couple of rounds you can improve your skills and win with confidence. You can bowl endlessly with your friends at parties.

The Binding of Isaac

The top Rogue-like game and shooter game tops The Binding of Isaac. The essence of the game is to accompany Isaac in his adventures, find a lot of unusual treasures, which will change Isaac’s appearance and give him superhuman abilities to defeat crowds of mysterious creatures, discover many mysteries and fight your way to salvation. Levels are randomly generated.

Genshin Impact

If you are interested in free download games, pay attention to this computer game in the action-adventure genre with RPG elements. The fantasy world of Teyvat with ruins of ancient cities, fortresses and magical forests awaits you. The game’s world is fully open for exploration and every mountain can be climbed as long as your character has enough stamina. Players are not restricted in their freedom – except for the edge of the map, beyond which lies unplayable space.

Dota 2

One of the most popular strategy real-time team games. You can download the full game for free. High quality game play attracts around 500,000 users worldwide. The game features two teams with an average of five players each. One team plays for the light side, the other team plays for the dark side. Each player controls one hero, each with special skills and abilities. The hero can gain experience to level up, earn gold, buy and collect items to enhance his character or give him additional abilities. The aim of the game is to destroy the main building in the enemy’s base.

Counter Strike

A multiplayer computer game in the genre of first-person shooter. Its popularity continues unabated 21 years after it was released. Interest in the game is kept in perfect balance so that matches against opponents continue to bring the same pleasure as it did two decades ago. The renowned game is available to download for free.


The Sims game top is a life stimulating game. You can play these single-player games endlessly and have fun with them. This classic city-sim allows gamers to pursue their wildest urban fantasies. And the social aspects of city management added since Simcity societies allow you not only to try different architectural solutions, but also to experiment with politics.

World of Tanks

World of Tanks is the game’s top free download game.  The game keeps things interesting by regularly adding new portions of content. As a result of new nations and branches with levels in the game, even those few tankers who managed to «pass WoT» by opening all the available tanks, periodically get a new incentive to look into the game and add to their collection of combat vehicles.

Keep an eye on the game top and download the games for free.