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Windows 11 Operating System Loading

Windows 10 is one of the most popular operating systems around the world, which now holds more than 52 percent of the Windows market share. Although the OS is very nice and popular, but in October 2018, the Windows 10 update, despite its bugs, pissed a bit on users of the OS and created a bad experience for them, especially the bug that caused some of the user files to General removed. The same bugs and problems caused only 3% of Windows 10 users to install the October 2018 update.

Microsoft had earlier announced that Windows 10 would be the latest version of Windows, and instead it will only be available for that update, but now it seems Microsoft’s time has come to change its position and we have to expect Windows 11.

Famous YouTube, Cameron O’Don, who previously released Conceptual Videos about Windows 95, Windows XP, and Windows 7 updates, has now released a video about Windows 11 that is interesting.

Windows 11 Operating System OS

According to the released video of the next generation of Windows, the Windows 11 of the curve design, the open menu design of the menu, which still remains the title, has more intelligent animations and a fully integrated design. Also, the information in this video shows that in Windows 11, we will see better redesign in Dark Mode. It is also possible to pin titles on the desktop. Interestingly, according to Edwan, Windows 11 will be launched with the Windows theme similar to Windows XP.

Though a lot of videos have been released on the release of Windows 11, but nobody can definitely talk about the release of the OS. Anyway, even if Windows 11 is not working, Microsoft will also update Windows 10, an update that is unlikely to be released with the features described.