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How to Recover MicroSoft Office Word, PowerPoint And Excel Files After Crash

One of the most disheartening feelings a computer professional can get is usually a hit of frustration which involves one getting to lose work on a computer due to crash. Fortunately, technology advancement has led to reduced chances of one losing their work.

Microsoft PowerPoint, Excel and Word for instance, gives you the opportunity to repair your spreadsheets and documents, and to equally take backups automatically of your documents yet unsaved. We will go through the feature and equally get to know where our lost work can be found even after a crash!

Recover crashed Microsoft excel powerpoint files

Recovering Word Documents

Microsoft Word has become one the greatly used programs within Office. So, in a case where you are a professional that requires their work back or maybe in one way you are a student who is desperately trying to recover his/her 20-page paper, recovering those files has become a lot easier with the use of the last several versions from Microsoft Office 2016 to latest versions.

From your Microsoft Office Suite, open Microsoft Word, select File, then Open and the select Recover Unsaved Documents.
Doing this should have your document that is in the same folder ready to be opened. With newer versions of Microsoft Word, if it is restarted after a crash, it will ask you if you would like to open your unsaved documents.

How To Recover PowerPoint Presentations and Excel Workbooks

The awesome factor about the recent MS Office is that it’s options has been seen to have very similar though with slight differences for certain aspects and features, but when it comes to the recovery of a document, the process is the same not minding the program you use.

So if you are in Excel, Word or PowerPoint, the procedure is just the same, just the names of the documents that are different. In PowerPoint, it is called presentation while in Excel, it is called a Workbook.


Though it is enabled by default, it is still recommended that every user confirms that AutoRecover has been enabled and is creating backups so that you (the user) doesn’t need to take extreme measures in a bid to recover unsaved files in any case where the computer unexpectedly restarts or crashes.

In order to do this select File>Options>Option>Save making sure to click the check box close to where you have Save AutoRecover information every 10 mins.

By default, the setting here is 10 mins, bit you can still freely change it to any time that you choose. Left to me, 5 mins is preferable in order to make sure that my files are there even after a crash.

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