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How To Identify Or Differentiate A Fake USB Cord From Original

Welcoming all to the year 2016, indeed 2015 was great but 2016 will be greater, as we are out to serve you better than the way we served you last year 2015. Before we continue on the main trend of this post, Techbmc is using this medium to say HAPPY NEW YEAR to all her blog readers. As this year will be a year of fufilment and success to all of you out there. Thank you for being a fan to this blog.

With joy in my heart, I bring to you, a vital information on how to identify fake or original USB cable for better use. The guide below is well explained for all to comprehend. So today marks the end of you getting fake USB cable in the market thinking that, it is original.

To differentiate or identify a fake USB cable from original, when you get a USB, just look at the USB head region, you will see two holes that shows the USB pinouts connector outer shell. Now, if the colour is gold, have it that it is copper, and that means it is original. But if the colour is silver aluminium, it is less original which in turn is fake.


Coppers are reddish-brown metals with high conductivity and are such with high tensile strength, i.e the have strength of material which is expressed as the greatest longitudinal stress that can bear stress very well without tearing apart.

For Aluminium, it has about 60% of copper conductivity, and that of its tensile strength is very low which cannot be compared to copper. Here Aluminium tears apart when it is subjected to tension/stress because of low tensile stress. And that can only result the USB to malfunction. So now, you should know why one is real and the other fake. You can use the pictures below to identify or differentiate original USB Cable from fake one.

Identify Fake USB Cord  
Original USB cabel
fake cable