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Learn How to identify fake SD card (memory card) from Original

After seeing so many falling victim of getting fake SD Card (memory card) thinking that it is original, I decided to write this post in order to put to an end that puzzling circumstance. Even as I intend publishing this online for all to be aware of this, some persons out there are just in a verge of making that same mistake. So this is the need why you really have to share to your friends on any social media if you are the first to see this guide update here on Techbmc
Detect original sdcard

How will you feel when you go to the market to purchase a 32gb SD card and eventually when you come back home and tear the SD card’s wrap and slot it in your phone’s Memory port. For you to send files or anything which can be musics or games with just 3gb from your pc, all you get is memory card full. Believe me, this can be so annoying and frustrating. And how are people decieved into making this kind of mistake. Because you see the label on the surface of the SD card as 32gb or any other sizes depending on the one you need. You now think it is original.

How Can I Identify a Fake SD card From The Original One?
This day is blessed, as am going to show you the app you can use to detect if your sdcard is original or fake. The name of the application is called SD Card Insight and its an Android app.
Download SD Card from google playstore here

The app SD Card insight, which is meant for all Android devices helps you to get insight on whichever sd card you so wish to check its details. It gives you details of the manufacturer, also display original size of your sd card without delay. The app is free for all android users to use. Also, it is programmed in such a way that all can understand its features i.e easy to operate. All you need to do is to insert your sd card on your android device and all the important/vital information about your device will display in the app. Some of the things which the app will show you are, the name of the manufacturer, serial number, product name, the date of which the product is manufactured etc. The app also show you the validation of the memory card against its class rating. That’s all for SD Card. Now I believe after coming across this post, such mistake of buying fake sd card instead of original will not be made again by you.