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How To Uninstall System Apps In Any Android Phone In Order To Free Up Your Memory

Before we proceed on how to remove system apps in order to free up the internal memory of your Android device. Let’s know what system apps mean or is all about. Well system applications are those apps which are pre-installed in your android devices by the Producers/manufacturers of that device. These system apps in some cases are useful and important to those using android device, while some of them are just there for advert or partnership purposes and does not serve any good purposes for you on the android device you are using. Where the whole thing gets all irritated, is when you search for the option to uninstall the system apps which are not useful to you. But you end up seeing no option to uninstall those system apps, just like when you uninstall Third party apps. No option for that when you talk of system apps. Even at that, the only option left for disabling the system apps, when you use it to disable any app which is pre-installed, after some few minutes the app will show again.

Reasons Why You Should Uninstall Some System Apps In Your Android Device.
1. System apps can be seen as the major consumer of internal memory and RAM of any android device. Based on the research I made, I found out that, whenever you are getting any short message alert saying “low internal memory” it is as a result of system apps and also some unwanted files generated in the folder called Data>root, which you really need to delete from your android.
Check Here To clear those files in data in order to free your memory totally

2. System applications makes your Andoid device slow in running files and other things you do with your phone.
3. Some of the system applications are not necessarily needed in some person’s phone because all it does is to consume ROM, RAM and as well drain battery drastically. Such system app can be FIFA Games for example.
4. Some of the system apps in our Android device can only work with payment of fee. That is, some of the apps uses transaction before you can have access to their features and by so doing, some people loose interest in using them because, not many like doing things online with payment of fee attached to it. And some that want to use the app whether it is free or not doesn’t know how to operate that particular app or the features in it. When you encounter all these on your phone, The question will now be, what is the need of leaving those system apps on your Android phone?

5. There are some system apps that run in background of your Android, and all they do is to drain up your data (megabytes) without your notice. Even when you have tried using some apps that are known as task killer for eg clean master, greenify for just to silence  and stop all these system apps from running, still yet, the problem keep on surfacing. What could be the solution to that?

NOTE: Before you start uninstalling, your phone must be rooted.
Check here for Universal root if your phone is not rooted

And another thing is, knowing what you are doing. You don’t uninstall some apps that normally starts with com. You also don’t uninstall any app you are not sure of. There are some important system apps you need not to uninstall, they are gallery, phone book, dialer, messeges etc if you uninstall any of them, it might brick your device or malfunction will take place. So what to remove is system apps like games, transaction apps, news apps etc.

How Can I Uninstall My Device System Apps?
Like I said earlier you need to root your device if it is not rooted. After that proceed with the below steps to unistall some system apps in your Android Mobile.

1. So many apps are there ready for performing this same task but I recommend a trusted one which is called “System app manager” You can download it here from Google playstore.

System app manager

2. After downloading, install and launch the app. You will see Filter, just tap on it. Now, you should see system apps which there names are written in red while for user apps, there names are written with white color. Screenshot is the one above.
3. Now, click on any of the system app you want to uninstall and a popup will display.

Delete system apps

4. Look for Manage and tap on it.

5. You should also see uninstall, now, select it and the selected system apps will be uninstalled from your device thereby freeing up your ROM and RAM.

uninstall Android system apps

Uses Of System App Manager
1. System  app manager can be used to uninstall system apps or user apps for free.

2. The app can be used to disable any application in your device, be it system apps or user apps.

3. This app can go a long way in converting system apps to user apps if you so wish to convert your system apps. As we may know, some of the system apps that are important to you and also they are responsible for draining your phone’s ROM. You can convert them to user apps instead of uninstalling them, just to free up your memory. Trust me, this method is cool because, I applied it on my device.

4. As long as system app manager is concerned, you can always backup your apps at anytime. And use it to do many more useful things.
So, we can now say finally our memory is free from short message saying memory low.
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