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Learn How To Backup Your Android Applications & Files With Titanium Backup APK

If you have not been using titanium backup or any other backup like backupsuit on your Android device, truly you are missing something great to use on your device. You know when you have a backup on your device, there will be nothing to worry about especially whenever your phone crashes or even when you flash it. Sometimes it may be that you mistakely delete any of your files, apps etc on your device. With backup, all can be restored without delay. So, I bring to you the best backup am using now on my device. And the backup app is called titanium.
 Titanium Backup APK

Titanium is an Android backup app that create a copy of your device data once you are backing them up and does it work perfectly well by restoring those data when they are needed by the user in the future.

* Your apps will be saved when any crash happens, that is, it makes you not to loose any of your apps.
* It keeps your app data and other configurations intact.
* You can use it to backup both system & user app on your phone.
* It goes a long way to restore apps at its previous states with the data intact even after the installation of  a new ROM.

* Just your Android phone
*  Rooted Phone for better result. If not rooted, check here for universal root.
* You need Titanium backup apk Android app. To get it click here to download
*  You also need to charge your phone battery, for at least 60%
* And lastly, your initiative.

1. First, launch the android backup app titanium you downloaded above.
2. A pop up may show for you to grant the app root access, do well to grant it access for root. This is why I stated earlier for your phone to be rooted. Or though there is still another way or method of backing up your data with titanium app without your phone being rooted. But with the phone rooted, I have confirmed that it works better than when it is not rooted.
3. Click on the Batch button you see. For better result, you can locate the batch button on the upper right side of the app and it looks like a small checkbox.
4. Next, scroll down to the backup section and then look for Backup all user apps.
5. Now click on run button. After that, the backup process will begin immediately and to confirm that, you will see it reading the data(s)
in order to backup them. Here we chosed the third party apps to backup, so that means all the apps you downloaded that are not system apps or pre-installed apps will be backed up.

However, You can still backup your system apps by choosing the option of “backup system apps” and all your system apps will be backed up and same time be ready to be restored at anytime. Same also happens in user apps. That’s it guys. Always keep your files and data save for future use.