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Boost Mobile Phones: How to Speed Up Android Cellphone

Are you searching for the best solution to apps draining your phone battery? Is your Smartphone performance functioning slowly without speed in execution of operation? Do you wish to block tracking apps on Android and iPhone Smartphones collecting data about you and exposing the details or information to the internet (online) without your notice? Are you wondering how to reduce or stop high consumption of data plan (megabyte) on your smartphone by some apps?

This article covers the list of apps that you can actually remove or safely disable from your devices without the occurrence of any stability issues, thereby improving and optimizing a better performance for your mobile Smartphone systems.

This article has been updated with different strategies to boost mobile free phones having the guide stipulated in its simplest form, for better comprehension of every user and reader of this website. For those facing difficulty on how to boost mobile customer service phone number as well as the procedure involve in boosting smaller or lower versions of mobile handsets, every of the guide you need to experience a better performance of your mobile cellphones has been updated this current year 2019. Proceed below for a palatable recipe…

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Most people think that all their smartphone needs in order to run smoothly without hitches is a nice specification. This is a terrible misconception because even if your device is made up of all the high-end components it can still be seen to exhibit signs or traits of slowing down or it might even be having an unnecessary drop in its’ battery level as a result of the operations of certain applications. The antivirus application Avast has been able to identify some of the worst culprits.

Avast is quite famous because of its antivirus. One prominent feature of the antivirus is that it facilitates the sharing of reports which discloses greedy applications in various categories. Avast, in great length, describes in its report which was published during the third quarter of 2017 some of those wasteful apps which are used the most (surprisingly, Facebook is topping this chart) and some of the very popular devices (Samsung in particular). This doesn’t really hit us as a surprise. It also portrays the good nature in which Samsung devices function, and this really is a disappointment to their competitors.

Now we proceed to the core of this article: what are those applications that seem to be giving problems? We took our time to properly arrange them and we equally brought to you best tips for optimizing your android device, such as those applications which use up too many resources thereby slowing your system down, the ones that drain up battery, apps that use up large amount of your data, best Android Cleaner apps, and blocking tracking apps etc.

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boost mobile android phones
how to boost new mobile android phones 2019


In an event where your handheld device (tablet, smartphone, etc) is slowing down, the issue might be coming from the operations of some applications. Which is why we wish to reveal to you some of those applications which appear to slow your device down, and ways to boost the performance better than it was before. So the list of the apps installed in your android and tablets devices that slow down the performance or speed of such device would be treated based on the ones that start automatically on phone boots and the ones you started manually that run on background.



  • ChatON & Voice & Video Chat
  • ChatOn
  • Google Play Music
  • Samsung AllShare WatchON
  • Samsung Push Service
  • Google TalkBack
  • Google Maps
  • Google Plus
  • Google Play Newsstand
  • Google Hangouts
  • Quick Search Box


  • Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • Beaming Service for Samsung
  • Samsung WatchON
  • Clean Master
  • Google Docs
  • SHAREit
  • Flipboard
  • Google Text-to-speech
  • LINE: Free Calls & Messages
  • Super Bright LED Torch 

Obviously, we tend to discover that most in this rating come from Samsung and Google. These apps, that usually come installed on the device by the manufacturers, tend to slow down the functioning speed of your smartphone in a way which you can see or not even see, thereby causing a whole lot of misfortune to its users.

Android Apps that consume internet data plan - boost mobile phone
Android Apps consuming internet data plan


Unlimited data plans are now made available in cheap and affordable prices, but there are still some folks that would still get to bear the brunt of data issues at the month’s closure. Presented to you below is a list of most of the greedy apps that have a huge appetite for your phone’s data.

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  • Google Talkback
  • Facebook  
  • Instagram
  • Yahoo! JAPAN
  • Facebook Lite
  • Spotify Music
  • Firefox Browser
  • WhatsApp Messenger
  • The Weather Channel
  • Google Chrome


  • Netflix
  • LINE: Free Calls & Messages
  • Snapchat
  • Clean Master
  • mazon Shopping
  • Samsung WatchON
  • Beaming Service for Samsung
  • Amazon for Tablets
  • Superbright LED Torch
  • ES File Explorer

There are little surprises found on this particular list as the apps listed above are those ones which use up data the most, meaning that it is absolutely normal to discover the most renowned online video streaming app (Netflix) in first place. Having said this, I find it really astonishing not to find YouTube in this rating. Quite a number of the other apps have already been discovered in the last rating, they are considered the repeat offenders.

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fix low battery issues - boost mobile phone
how to stop low battery on mobile phones

Other apps might be somewhat over resource-intensive. By the time you get to understand that the battery life of any device has been one of the most (if not the most) important criteria for many smartphone users, the ensuing list of apps is quite fascinating to find, especially if you wish to prolong your smartphone’s life.


  • Samsung AllShare
  • Samsung Security Policy Updates
  • ChatON Voice & Video Chat
  • Google Maps
  • WhatsApp Messenger
  • Facebook
  • AppLock
  • WeChat
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • DJ Battery Saver
  • Beaming Service for Samsung
  • Samsung WatchOn
  • Netflix
  • Snapchat
  • LINE: Free Calls & Messages
  • Clean Master
  • PhotoGrid
  • Super-Bright LED Torch
  • ES File Explorer File Manager
  • Amazon Shopping
  • Xender or flash share

On the above list again we get to see multiple applications of Samsung with an inclusion of other magnificent names into high-tech: instant messaging services such as Whatsapp or Facebook, LINE and WeChat, Snapchat, streaming services like Netflix and not forgetting the renowned app Clean Master, who’s use is questionable.


Android Phone Security - boost mobile phone
mobile security protection alert

Google Play Protect is a service that was introduced by Google to put an end to security threats on application developed to be used by Android users. Since the service was introduced, Google has been performing its Android Security yearly review on applications available to be downloaded on Google PlayStore, in order to safe their users from experiencing scam threats on their smartphones. The main purpose for this service is to educate the public (Android users) on the very efforts they are making to combat security threats on Android Developed Applications. 

In their last review, it was found out that about 60.3 percent of harmful Apps (PHAs) were discovered and singled out via machine learning. You may be asking how they were able to single such harmful apps out from the good ones. Yes, it is right for you to know that the Google service called Google Play Protect, is actually enabled on over 2 billion Android devices and was programmed to regularly scan your installed Android Apps in order to checkmate invalid malicious activities. boost mobile phones.

This service has gone a long way in fishing out several security threats with its embedded tactics, and having its machine learning identify lots of PHAs. Indeed that’s a great job. That’s why you don’t encounter problems using your various installed apps. 

Google went as far as adding more feature to this Play protect operation, as it can now scan for harmful apps in offline mode. And even though, Google keep working on fishing out dangerous apps, more malicious and privacy-invading apps keeps growing day by day. And below comes most of the apps you should not even think of installing on your Android device, and if you have already installed, just do yourself the good by deleting or uninstalling them. 

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>1. GO Locker: This app was developed to secure lock screen for your Android phone, and because of that it has access to your device’s screen requiring full access and every permission available for your location and that of your text messages. And as such, send those gotten information to third party app stores which happens to be less secure than Google Play. So beware and delete if you don’t want your information to be accessed anywhere.  

>2. Wi-Fi Apps:  It has been discovered by CyberSecurity companies that most wifi apps have advertising malware known as LightsOut. These harmful applications generate illegal ad revenue just by tricking users into clicking and viewing ads displayed on their phone’s screen. These apps forces users to click on the ads before they can even make calls or do any other thing on their smartphones. And most of the apps that do this are those apps that claim to offer users free wifi or hotspot connection, which is hacking wifi connection and getting the key or password details from other user’s connection. Some of these harmful Wifi speed analyzers and boosters apps include: network guards, Free WiFi Pro, Master WiFi Key, Free WiFi Connect, Speed Test, Smart Free WiFi, WiFi Analyzer, WiFi Security Master, and Network Guard etc. boost mobile phones.

>3. Draw Something Free: This app uses advertiser libraries which involves using third-party bits of code to track users using the app. This app make use of the read phone status and as well as identity which in turn needs permission from your device and when granted give advertisers out there the access to your phone number, signal information, call log, carrier and lots of info. Don’t install this app and if already installed, delete immediately. 

>4. Good Weather app: The trending hacking measures hackers are utilizing is using Android weather apps in form of damaging people’s phone. They do this by embedding Trojan into weather apps, thereby infecting people’s android device with the banking malware Trojan.Android/Spy.Banker.HU. So ones you get this type of app downloaded and installed on your device, the malware will lock, or even unlock and then intercept texts found in your smartphone. This malware will also access your banking information using the command and control server. If you don’t want to become a victim of such app, is better to avoid now and remain safe with your banking details. Remove if you have already installed. 

>5. Camera360: Yes you have been promised that this app would do a lot on your Android device, things like adding more camera modes, exclusive filters, real-time, free cloud storage, facial recognition, touch ups, no ads and many other attractive features etc. Yes it is true that this camera app doesn’t have ad targeting libraries but it can gather lots of information from your Android phone and it also contains the Baidu search engine built-in feature. And as we all know, this Baidu is a china search engine and for some reason, this app can turn Android’s phone wifi connection on and off. So it is considered unhealthy for your android device and requires deletion. But if you feel you can control the app activities then you can continue using it but be warned. 

>6. Flashlight apps: Most of them are used to spread LightsOut. And such apps are as follows: Brightest Flashlight, Brightest LED Flashlight-Pro, Cool Flashlight, and LED Flashlight etc. Just scrutinize these listed apps very well before installing on your device.


At this stage, I will walk you through on the very two best methods of blocking your exact location from all third party Applications with clear images or screenshots. So after following my below guide, preventing apps on your Android from tracking your location won’t be a big problem to you again. 

Method 1:

Blocking Your Location from All Apps 

>1. First of all, Switch ON your smartphone if it is off and then from your phone home menu, locate your Android Settings icon, and click on it. 

Block Tracking Apps - Andorid Settings - boost mobile phone
Block Tracking Apps – Andorid Settings

>2. From the Phone settings, just scroll down and locate the option called “More settings” and click on it. 

Block Tracking Apps - More settings
Block Tracking Apps – More settings

>3. Then find the section named “Location” and also click on it. 

Block Tracking Apps - Location settings
Block Tracking Apps – Location settings

>4. From the section of Location tab, just toggle off the location mode, ensure to switch it off.  And by mere switching it off, you have prevented all apps on your android smart device from tracking your main location. 

Block Tracking Android Apps - OFF Location settings
Block Tracking Android Apps – OFF Location settings

Method 2:

How to Block Your Location in a Specific Application.

>1. From your phone home menu or drop down of your phone’s notification tab from the top or bottom depending on the Android you are using, just click the “settings icon”. As seen in the screenshot above.
>2. Navigate to the option with “Apps” and click on it, then it will open displaying list of apps installed on your Android phone. boost mobile phones.

Block Tracking Android Apps settings
Block Tracking Android Apps settings

>3.  Click on the specific app you wish to block from accessing your information and exposing it online. When you click on the app name, a new page will open displaying the App’s info screen. (for example, am using Chrome browser app for this illustration) 

Block Android Tracking - Chrome browser settings
Block Android Tracking – Chrome browser settings

>4. Click on Permissions

Block app Tracking - Android permission settings
Block app Tracking – Android permission settings

>5.  Now slide the ‘Location” option to off position and immediately, you will see a popup message confirming the new settings that have taken place. 

Block app Tracking - Android location turn off settings - boost mobile phone
Block app Tracking – Android location turn off settings

> Finally, click on DENY ANYWAY and the application will not track your location again. 


speed up Android smartphone
speed up Android smartphone

Firstly, Identify the problem:

The very first thing to do when you find out that your device is slowing down so much is to identify the problem. Already, we have identified one of the major problems above, which happens to be apps. So Trepn Profiler android app from Qualcomm will display your Phone real time CPU load based on individual cores, showing an overview of your device network traffic for RAM usage, data, Wifi, GPU loads and many more. Thereby enabling you to detect the major applications consuming access data, and drain up your phone battery. 

boost Android speed - Trepn app - boost mobile phone
boost Android speed – Trepn app

By so doing, you are one step to healing your device from slow bondage to a faster functional operation. You can check your Android storage or Memory space details available by Clicking on Settings >> More Settings >> Memory or Storage And USB. 

Free up Memory space:

You are done analyzing and figuring out the main things consuming your phone memory, which are involved in slowing down your phone operation while carrying out functionalities. And, we all know the major things that consume memory space are installed apps, camera pictures, photos, videos, music and some other documentary PDF files. Now it is time create breathing room for your device and it requires deleting some of the files you’re no longer in use at the moment so that the performance of your device in speed can be better. Now to ensure your mobile phone runs smoothly without any form of slow operation in speed, just go to your phone settings  >> Click on Apps >> and then tap on any Android App name that is not in use by you or not needed anymore and then click on “Uninstall” (boost mobile phones).

Do that for other apps you wish to remove from your Android device in order to free up space and speed up your device, having overall boost mobile phones.

Haven read the guide above; there are other several ways to free up space in android device. And that can be achieved through deleting files present or stored in the download folder. These files are just occupying space in the storage, so to remove them, go to settings >> Click on Storage >> Tap on Download, and then select the files you wish to remove and click on the Trash icon

Most of the apps you downloaded and installed on your smartphone uses data cache, and these caches occupy valuable space that can be of better use. Although they are there to speed up your operations in filling some details in most of your application. But if you are running short of space on your android device then it is necessary to clear it up.  (boost mobile phones)

Junk file cleaner settings - boost mobile phone
Junk file cleaner settings

To clear up junk files and application cache go to settings >> Storage >> Tap on “Clean up junk files” and select by ticking the box for each presented file for “Cache files, AD files, Residual files, and APK files” and confirm by clicking OK or clean to authorize the operation. 

Clean up Android junk files - boost mobile phone
Clean up Android junk files

Also free up as much space as possible by deleting files located in the Miscellaneous files section. Just tick the boxes of the files you wish to remove; for example, backups, playlist files, and those files you received through Bluetooth etc. and then click the trash icon

Also, most of the application that are not in use by you but are pre-loaded by the phone manufacturer, you may also wish to disable them since you can’t actually delete them if your phone is not rooted. But if your Android is rooted, you simply delete them from your phone. So if your device is not rooted, just go to Settings >> Apps >> Select the particular app and tap on the properties, then click disable to prevent it from using up the Android phone’s resources.  

Disable Widgets

Those widgets you have running on your Mobile home screen may look useful to you but they are actually using up fair storage space. In order not to waste some memory space, just disable the widgets not in use. 

Disable some animations not in use

Having animations and beautiful effects display on your device looks nice and good to the eyes but it takes some space that causes slowness in speed of your device. These animations are found mostly in launcher and to get them disabled, go to your launcher’s settings and then disable in order to boost your Android speed. 

Close down Background apps to free up RAM

It is easier to carry out many functions on your Android device when you multi-task apps or menus, thereby minimizing so many function in the background, whereby you switch to different tools and get your work done very fast. But as you are doing that, also remember to close than those minimized apps in background so as to free up your phone RAM from slowing down in speed and performance. So always remember to close down any app that is not in use at the moment, and you can do that by calling up the running app list,  just press and hold your phone home key button on the screen and then swipe away the apps which are not in use. By mere doing that, your device RAM will be freed up. 

Restart The Android device

Did your mobile phone hang and become very slow without allowing any operation on it, the quick and simple fix for it at that moment is restarting the device. Doing that will clear the cache file and put an end to unnecessary tasks that got the device slow in operation. And after that your device will be running smoothly again. So to restart your device just hold down the power button by the side of the phone or top and then select restart option followed by OK

Ensure Your Software are Upto date.

Personally, I usually swipe away the notification about App update on my mobile device until I discover the update is not just about the newly added features but it brings bug-fixes and as well as better performance enhancement to the app in talk, which in turn speed up my phone’s operation. So don’t ignore updating your software whenever the notifications show up on your device. 

So ensure your software are updated to the latest version available and stop looking at the megabyte data plan involved. 

Root the Smartphone

Turn yourself to developer of your Android device by rooting the phone you got. This will unlock the developer option for you to explore and configure settings to your own taste as an advanced user. And most of the functions you are able to explore when you root your phone are as follows: ability to install cleaner ROMs better than the manufacturer setup, overclock the processor, cracking the hardware to run speedily and changing phone imei number. 

Rooting your device comes with advantage and disadvantage but the side of merit outweighs the demerit side because lots of features can be reconfigured to the user’s taste once the phone is rooted successfully, while the demerit involved is breaking the mobile operating system if not handled by someone that knows how to do it, thereby leading to damage of the device. So the risk is worth taking since there is much to enjoy out of it when successfully rooted. (boost mobile phones)

You can go ahead and read our guide on The following:  

Factory Reset

Have you done all you could do to stop your Android from slowing down and couldn’t get a successful result? If yes, then the best thing to do right now is to factory reset. A factory rest will actually help to restore the phone to the manufacturer mode, i.e. the way the phone was when you bought it newly or the way it was shipped in. 

Such action will go a long way in freeing up the device memory and storage space and as well as, fixing every problem or issue the phone has, thereby leaving the device with a better performance experience  for the user involved. 

Before you go ahead to factory reset android, note that you will lose most of your stored files in the phone. So it is recommended you backup your files before proceeding to carry out such task. (boost mobile phones)

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Then, follow these instructions to carry out a factory reset:

Best Android Cleaner Apps to Maximize, optimize, Enhance and Boost Mobile Android Phone’s Performance 

Clean Master APK Download - boost mobile phone
Clean Master APK Download

1. Clean Master (Free)

This Android cleaner tool ensures a better performance to you mobile phone, so if you are looking for how to clear storage space on android device then read on to get that problem solved. The functions of Cheetah Mobile’s Clean Master app are as follow: 

  • It is a Junk file tool developed for cleaning your phone’s app and system cache and as well, temporary files. 
  • It is used for boosting phone speed and memory. (boost mobile phones)
  • It acts as an app manager and antivirus.
  • Clean master app manager feature is used to backup APK files.
  • You can move apps to SD card memory.
  • You can as well use Clean Master to uninstall applications.
  • Gives Wifi security and CPU cooler. 
  • Extra feature it can perform are app lock, private photo locker,game mode and secure your privacy.
  • Download Clean Master App here. 
All-in-One Toolbox APK Download - boost mobile phone
All-in-One Toolbox APK Download

2. All-in-One Toolbox (Free)

Are you experiencing android storage space running out, then this is another best 2018 all-in-one Android booster cleaner app for your device. Below are the functions you can perform with this Android APK app. 

  • It cleans up cache files.
  • It cleans up background apps
  • Boost memory space
  • Battery Saver.
  • Has app manager 
  • Has File manager.
  • It has CPU cooler just like clean master reviewed above. 
  • It shut down background apps thereby reducing too much loads on the RAM. (boost mobile phones)
  • Has easy swipe and brings up a radial menu to access utilities from home screen quickly. 
  • Download All-in-One Toolbox APK App here.
Simple System Monitor Apk download - boost mobile phone
Simple System Monitor Apk download

3. Simple System Monitor (Free)

With this APK app tool, you will get full details on your device CPU usage, RAM and as well as the Monitor and other system services of your device and how to clean other storage on android. 

The Cleaner apk download
The Cleaner apk download

4. The Cleaner (Free)

Are you asking yourself “how do i free up space on my android phone? Just relax because the solution is at your door step. This app helps in optimizing and cleaning your android device when downloaded and installed on the device. It works in so many ways with the embedded tweaks. Below are the functions of this app:

  • The app serves as memory optimizer and booster, to free up RAM and end unwanted processes. 
  • It is used in cleaning storage files like APK, app caches, and other unwanted junk files. 
  • Speed up your phone or tablet with the memory cleaner app.
  • Lock you phone for privacy
  • Has app manager in it. (boost mobile phones)
  • Features game mode optimizer 
  • Ability to use app manager to sort and filter apps, uninstall unneeded or potentially malicious apps.
  • Ability to schedule reminders for automatic cleaning of your device. 
  • Download The Cleaner here
Datally free download - boost mobile phone
Datally free download

5. Datally (Free)

This is a free utility Google app for gathering and checkmating your device data management. It will guide you on how to delete other storage on android. So below is what you can do with this app on your android phone.

  • Displays your device app data usage via tracking.  (boost mobile phones)
  • Ability to use data saver mode to control usage on each installed app.
  • Restrict background app data without having to limit the real time data usage of current active applications.
  • Mobile data-saving and WiFi app functions. 
  • Download Datally by Google.  
Norton Security Antivirus Download - boost mobile phone
Norton Security Antivirus Download

6. Norton Security & Antivirus

This all-in-one Norton Security & Antivirus app is for your mobile security and virus protection to ensure safety to your mobile smartphone and tablets. This software is actively used on PC devices but this is the mobile version for Android operating systems. So I have provided you with the latest version of Norton’s best antivirus and malware solution for Android devices to download from. Below are some of its functions to get internal storage android full eradicated: 

  • This Android Antivirus can Scan and remove apps that are infected by malware, spyware, or even other viruses that can cause harm or slow the device performance. 
  • This app can remotely lock your lost or stolen phone
  • Automatically check your app potential privacy risks, data usage, as well as battery life.
  • Download Norton Android Security & Antivirus app.
Droid Optimizer apk download - boost mobile phone
Droid Optimizer apk download

7. Droid Optimizer (Free)

This all-in-one system optimization app called Droid Optimizer will provide you more tips on how to get unlimited storage on android phones. Below are the functions you can carry out with this Cleaner app.  

  • Has A 1-Touch Speed Up mode for getting your Android device operate faster. 
  • Can be used to clear cache memory. boost mobile phones.
  • Can stop background apps from slowing your phone.
  • Has an app manager that can collectively uninstall apps.
  • Ability to view apps data.
  • View app permissions
  • Has automatic schedule mode for automatic cleaning or disabling WIfi during odd hours (night). 
  • Download Droid Optimizer.
DU Speed Booster apk download - boost mobile phone
DU Speed Booster apk download

8. DU Speed Booster (Free)

This is yet another great Android optimization tool. This tool can perform the following functions: 

  • Ability to utilize Trash cleaner for removal of cache and junk files.
  • Has one-touch accelerator.
  • Has app Manager for managing apps.
  • Uses antivirus tool to perform some of its operations. 
  • Can perform privacy advisor with a built-in Internet speed test.
  • Free up internal storage space. boost mobile phones.
  • Download DU Speed Booster.
CCleaner apk download - boost mobile phone
CCleaner apk download

9. CCleaner (Free)

This app is regarded as one of the best PC maintenance tools for Windows systems and it has also reached a lower level for mobile Android version. The tool helps to clean unwanted files from your phone and ensuring the speed of your device is intact. Below is the function of this app to your Android phone; 

  • Ability to Remove junk files.
  • Ability to reclaim storage space.
  • You can monitor your system and browse safely with this CCleaner app.
  • Features meters for CPU, storage, RAM, battery and temperature. 
  • Has app manager for uninstall process.
  • Download CCleaner app.
SD Maid apk download - boost mobile phone
SD Maid apk download

10. SD Maid 

This special app provides you with many tools that can aid to free up additional disk space and provide better platform for managing apps. This system cleaner go a long way in cleaning your device junk files, as it goes via the phone storage and file system to shifter and locate files that is not of good use to your device and display them one side so that you can authorize the app system to delete them.  Also the corpse finder works in this dimension; it specializes in searching for those widowed files that are left behind by the uninstalled apps. 

  • With the app you manage your smartphone apps.
  • Ability to clean junk and cache files.
  • Give detailed report of Logs, and as well as crash reports.
  • Finds duplicate files like pictures, music or documents.
  • And also task schedule for automatic system cleaning and many more extras.
  • Provide detailed overview of your phone storage and Optimize databases.
  • Download SD Maid
DiskUsage apk download
DiskUsage apk download

11. DiskUsage (Free)

This app actually presents you with understandable graphical representation of your android system performance. You will get full report about your files and directory system and the space of which the folders are occupying in your android device. You can easily increase internal storage android with this app. DiskUsage provides full information on your Android space and internal storage and can flash sdcard memory file  and that of the directory folder in a twinkle of an eye.

App Tune-Up Kit apk download - boost mobile phone
App Tune-Up Kit apk download

12. App Tune-Up Kit (Free)

This app can help you evaluate the following; CPU, GPU, power, thermal and network data with a standard details on the above mentioned system operations. And by mere getting information regarding to these systems, optimizing your storage system and other becomes easier and fast. I like the tool because it searches deeper into your android phone to get you detailed information about the things not going right. The app is worth downloading and using. 

Below are the list of Best 2018 Android cleaner App you should install to optimize your Smartphone for better enhancement and performance: (boost mobile phones)


Haven updated yourself with the above information, Go ahead and apply them on your Smartphones and watch that Android phone speed in every operation it is assigned to carry out by you. You can as well help others to Optimize, Enhance and Boost their Android devices by sharing this post with the below social media share buttons.