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How to Update Your iPhone or iPad iPod Smartphones to latest Apple’s iOS 11 version

Latest Apple’s iOS 11 is now officially announced to the public. And the mobile operating system in talk, came with wonderful features, which every user would like to have or utilize on his or her iOS smartphones. well, you can check the awesome iOS 11 features from our previous post here. Meanwhile, Users of iPhone, iPad and iPod smartphones can now get their device updated or upgraded to the latest iOS 11 with the below outlined steps.

To update your iPhone or iPad to the trending iOS 11, there are two different method involved. Read on to select in between the two methods in order to download and install this Apple’s latest mobile operating system. But before then, have you take your time to inspect and check out Apple company’s latest smart phones with iOS 11 already running on their system. The devices are built with great and nice features. The following are the latest iPhone devices with their original and official date of release & as well as their specifications:
>> iPhone X (iPhone 10) Price and specs.
>> iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus price and specs.

Update iOS 11 on ipad iphone ipods tutorial

The above smartphones are worth buying even if it means emptying your Bank account. Well, that’s by the way, so if you are yet to get the above devices, in order to enjoy the official or direct iOS 11 already running on them. Then you need not to worry about anything, as you can still update to this newest iOS 11 version to Apple’s older smartphones you are using until you are ready to get the latest smartphones above.

The mobile operating system can actually run on iOS devices like iPhone 5s or its later, can as well run on fifth-generation iPad or iPad Mini 2 or later, and on sixth-generation iPod Touch devices. Below is the full list of Apple compatible devices that can receive iOS 11 version. They are as follows:

This tutorial was updated this 2019, so as it stands, update for iOS 12 and 13 are readily available for some smart Apple devices.

>> For iPhone devices:

iPhone 7
iPhone 7 plus
iPhone 6s
iPhone 6s plus
iPhone 6
iPhone 6 plus
iPhone SE
iPhone 5s

>>For iPad devices:

12.9-inch iPad Pro – 2nd generation
12.9-inch iPad Pro – first generation
10.5-inch iPad Pro
9.5-inch iPad Pro
iPad Air 2
iPad Air
iPad 5th generation
iPad mini 4
iPad mini 3
iPad mini 2

>> iPod devices

iPod touch
6th generation

Apple compatible devices for iOS 11 update version.
Update latest ios 11

Some of the features or things you can do with your iPhone devices when updated or upgraded to iOS 11 are,

  • Do not disturb while driving
  • You can be able to customize the new Control Center
  • Editing live photos
  • You can easily free up the device storage space
  • Use and make Venmo-style Apple Pay payments,

Note: Ensure to back up your iPhone, iPad and iPod devices, and create or make a space of about 2GB before proceeding to download the update. Also plug your phone to any charging power source using the charger.

The two methods involved are

> Over-the-air update
> Update via iTunes
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First Method:

Using Over-the-air update for iOS 11

Just get your device connected to strong signal Wi-Fi network, and then upgrade your device to iOS 11 without the use of computer or iTunes. By going to Settings >> General >>> Software Update. from this point, the device iOS will automatically check for any latest update, if there is, it will prompt you to download and install the iOS (probably iOS 11) And that’s all for iOS update through Over-the-air.
Second Method:

Updating your device to newest version of iOS Via iTunes

It’s also faster to update using computer (PC) with iTunes. First of all, I will advise you to update your iTunes to latest version 12.7 on MacBook. In case you are trying to update via your MacBook and didn’t see the “check for update” line from the iTunes drop-down menu, then you should go to Mac App Store since the latest version of iTunes update is ready and waiting for you to download from it. Just download and install it and then proceed to the iOS update.

Now, having updated your iTunes, get your iOS device connected. And then click on the iPad or iPhone icon located in the top-left corner of iTunes, which is actually next to the drop-down menu for the various sections of the device you are using. The next thing to do, is to click on “Check for Update > Download and Update. Just follow the prompts from this section and ensure to accept the terms, and then iTunes will get your device upgraded to latest iOS 11.

That’s all for the update. How did yours went, was it successful for your own device?

Tell us about it and ensure to share the post if you find it worth sharing. Thank you.