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Privacy Browsing: New incognito Mode Chromium-based Edge in Windows 10

You are likely to know about Incognito Mode in Chrome. Microsoft is also planning to add this security feature to its Chrome Chromium browser. It’s likely to be added to other chrome-based browsers.

While incognito will increase your privacy on the Internet (because browser history, cookies, or other website data and other information will not be saved (but there are limitations too.

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Keep in mind that this feature You do not hide your activity like the VPN from the ISP company and the sites you visit, and it still keeps track of the words you type on the keyboard. As a result, When you search for something, you will receive suggestions that this is a completely privacy-related issue.

That’s why Microsoft plans to make changes to the chromium code and add the ability to turn it off when it’s turned on. Keyboard inputs are also hidden and not monitored. Microsoft recently considered the problem as a bug, saying: “On Windows 10, when using an incognito or guest user, it should use the IS_PRIVATE spyware because we do not want to store the private data entry service.” This will be the same for all chrome-based browsers on Windows 10, and this is not just an issue.

Microsoft does not have a great history of privacy on Windows 10, but it seems that it intends to offset shortcomings. But before you’re so happy, keep in mind that this feature is still in its early stages and is still not even in beta. In many cases, these features will never appear in the commercial version. However, if you are still worried about your privacy, you can use VIP or more secure browsers.

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