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Redmi Note 7: Test of Resistance in the Space without Scratch (Watch)

The resistance that many handsets display in their harsh environments have been around for some years now. Xiaomi is not separated from this category, and this time it has performed an interesting test on the Redmi note 7, which has been in space and under certain temperature conditions.

Xiaomi, for the purpose of demonstrating that the Radmi 7 has a very high-quality design, is sending a 35-kilometer distance to a phone with a balloon, and it’s well-known that this handset is well out of this battles.

Space photography by redmi note 7

The notepad 7 is 31 kilometers from the ground and in very low temperature conditions (the phone’s temperature is 4 degrees), it has been able to record photos posted on Twitter.

These images do not capture specific scenes, but the issue here is that the Note 7 rumbled in a very high temperature setting and showed good performance and normal performance.

One of the images recorded by redmi note 7 in space

redmi note 7 captured image in space
redmi note 7 captured image in space

The fall wasn’t deadly

Eventually, at 35 kilometers and 375 meters at an atmospheric pressure of 1 kilopascale, the balloons containing the rhodium plated HP 7, but the phones and equipment fell on the ground with an umbrella. Interestingly, the device is not damaged by the fall of this height, and it’s not even scratched, which is a very good indication of the high-end production of the Note7.

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For several seconds, however, the Note 7 was shut down but after turning it back on, everything seemed normal and the device was quite normal.

Redmi note 7 resistance test in space

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