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Android 6.0 Marshmallow Update Is Now Available For LG Magna, Galaxy J7 & A3

Are you ready for update?
Updating your device is quite good, as it enables you to enjoy more features with your Android device. Makes you feel as if you bought the device new and at same time, comes with better and friendly embedded functions. Have you done any update to your smart phone before? That is to know whether you are interested in updating your device to it specified upgrade. This time, LG magna is the latest trend on upgrade, now let’s get our device upgraded.

LG Magna which was launched last year has joined the league of Android Marshmallow devices after it started receiving Android 6 updates. According to latest android reports, The android 6.0 now runs in 10% of all android devices but this number is expected to increase more as more devices get updates while new phones come with the OS straight from the box.

As of today, the update had already started rolling out in Greece and other countries will start receiving any moment from now. Meanwhile, if you are using the LG Magna, you can simply go to Settings and try to manually activate the update.

Apart from LG Magna, Marshmallow OS is also on the way to Samsung Galaxy J7 and the Galaxy A3 (2016). For Galaxy J7 users, you can download the update HERE (including instructions) then flash it manually. While those using the Galaxy A3 should manually check the update to see when it will reflect.