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How to Download & install New MacOS High Sierra version

latest MacOS High Sierra is now available to be downloaded and installed on your Mac devices. Below is guide that will put you through on how to get your Mac devices run on this trending Apple’s next computer operating system. So read on to see if your own device can actually run on this new OS.

The latest Tech news regarding to Apple’s next Mac operating system, MacOS High Sierra, has finally come to stay. The update is usually a free one and always available for users to download from Mac App Store. Those interested and using Mac can now check if their device are compatible for this OS. Thereby getting their device ready to proceed with the downloading and installation of this upgrade. Below is the list of compatible mac devices receiving the update. But before then, the following are the things you should do in preparation, before getting the Mac device updated with the new MacOS High Sierra.
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Create Space
Making room for enough space is always encouraged before getting OS updates on various devices. As we all know, it is a must do when upgrading an Apple iOS on iPhone or iPad devices, so shouldn’t be left out while updating mac device too. So we are advised to create enough space on our compatible Mac Device before updating to the new MacOS High Sierra. You can do that by deleting some irrelevant files or data like old apps or pictures, songs which are of no use to you again. Or instead of deleting, you move them to cloud through iCloud Drive or via your preferred cloud storage service. By mere doing this, updating to the OS will be easy and fast for your Mac device.

Ensure to Back up Your Mac Device
Don’t neglect backing up your Mac before performing any operation that has to do with installation of newer OS version that comes out for any device brand. So ensure to back up your system in order to protect your device’s data. You can as well use another great tool that mac included in their system officially, to back up your documents and other important music libraries with photos, (Time Machine).
Haven seen the need do, let’s proceed to the list of compatible devices for this Operating system. Checking if your Mac is eligible for this update will direct you on the right thing to do. According to Apple company, “they said all Mac devices which were introduced in mid-2010 or later are all compatible for this upgrade.” Another is MacBook and iMac computers which were introduced in late 2009 are also compatible for the update”

Below are compatible Mac models with High Sierra:
  • iMac: late 2009 and later 
  • MacBook: late 2009 and later 
  • Mac Mini: mid 2010 and later 
  • MacBook Pro: mid 2010 and later 
  • Mac Pro: mid 2010 and later 
  • MacBook Air: mid 2010 and later 

You can check the vintage of your Mac, by clicking on the Apple icon from the upper-left
corner and click where you see About this Mac. So from the listed OS from the top, you will see the detail regarding to the year of your device model displaying next to the name.

MacOS High Sierra update pc

Steps to Download and install MacOS High Sierra on Mac devices

This update of MacOS High Sierra is currently made available to all its users for free through Mac App Store. Now to get the update on your device, just open Mac App Store and click on the displaying Update tab. Then the MacOS should be among the list at top. Now, take another step by clicking on the Update button to get the MacOS High Sierra downloaded to your device.

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Should in case you didn’t get to see the update via App Store, then ensure to search using this “high sierra” and then you should see it pop up. Or you can as well try by clicking the Apple icon which is located at the top-left of device’s display. Click on About This Mac and then click on Software Update button, and this will open the device’s Mac App Store app and then prompt the user to check any update. The Mac App Store, also give you a feature to track the progress of your download right from an icon purchased tab presently in one of its sections.

After downloading the High Sierra, proceed to get it installed by following the installation wizard prompts. That’s all on how to update your Mac Device to run on the latest operating system made available for the public.